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Comments for 'Survival of the Fittest: A friendship forged'

9:05 am | April 1, 2004
At least, I think it is. They're taking their time posting it...
5:08 am | March 27, 2004
Whoa, more comments since last I looked! (To GLADIATRRRR) Don't you recognise me? I'm the 'chick' who liked your Peters thingo. And yes, girls play X-box and KICK BUTT! At least, I do. And next one coming soon...
CoLd BlooDed
1:34 am | January 27, 2004
Now that I actually read the story, (lol), it wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it, but there were several mistakes that I spotted.

Do you know what the code is?
8:39 pm | January 26, 2004
I enjoyed it. Good story. Interesting to see what happens next. And hasn't anyone here read ctrl+alt+dlt?
5:53 am | January 26, 2004
I didn't have any problems with the story. I thought it was quite good, I hadn't read any of the other parts and just did now. I like the story and I am enjoying where this is going. I can't wait for the next one. I know some girls who play xbox, but its just that you don't normally hear anything about them...like on starcraft and other games ect...but they are there and ready to kick our asses ... lol (
5:14 am | January 26, 2004
woah.. it's a CHICK!
*combs back hair*
...hey. 'sup baby?

CoLd BlooDed
4:20 am | January 26, 2004
Woops, sorry, its hard to tell which gender someone is just by reading a screen name.

A girl playing xbox? ;)
The author of this story - MasterCD
2:48 am | January 26, 2004
(To Helljumper) Okay, I can accept that. I guess we are just two very different people. I'd like to know who I'm gonna die with. And, by the way CoLd BlooDed, I"M A GIRL OKAY!!! Sorry. Just sick and tired of being referred to as a him. Girls play X-box too, y'know. And we're good at it! NEway, I appreciate your comments, every bit helps.
CoLd BlooDed
10:23 pm | January 25, 2004
Ok never mind, I included you already and sent it to H_K. Your in it.
CoLd BlooDed
7:14 pm | January 25, 2004
Yes Helljumper, I am talking to you. What would you like to be?

Heavy weapons, sniper, close-range....etc. Or just e-mail me at sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com.
5:44 pm | January 25, 2004
CoLd BlooDed, you asking me. If so then sure. you're a great writer and i'm sure u can do me justice in a story. If you aren't talking to me then fuck it.


First to rise, last to fall
Helljumpers do it all

Feet first into hell
CoLd BlooDed
7:05 am | January 25, 2004
You tell him Helljumper! Oh yeah, before I forget, do you want a part in my ASoWE?
3:29 am | January 25, 2004
Its ok i guess, didn't like it to much. I think it was just the language u used. I mean if i was marine in a Pelican being chased by some Banshees, I wouldn't take the time to introduce myself. i wouldbe praying that I don't die. Pelicans should have seatbelts. if the marines use them is another question