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Comments for 'Survival of the Fittest: The price for being nosy'

MasterCD (author)
11:10 pm | March 27, 2004
Hmmm, I should really stop talking to the comments. Ah well, here goes. I am still kicking myself about forgetting the Hunters roam in pairs. (to Nightblade) A motorcycle? Cool! Does it fly or anything? LOL!
5:46 pm | January 25, 2004
Awesome, keep it up, the battle parts were really cool and I cant wait for you next one.

right Now Im working on a new story about Masterchief after he has been captured and taken in for examination, he also has a really awesome motorcycle.
Master CD
1:00 am | January 19, 2004
Thanks to all. I will keep comments in mind. I'm new to this stuff, still learning all the facts. Thank again.
6:51 pm | January 17, 2004
That was good. The only complaint I have is the same one as Sentinel. Keep it up.
2:33 pm | January 17, 2004
It was pretty good, the battle scenes seem close to real. But there was one obvious thing that I spotted. "Three Hunters emerged from the tunnel..." Don't Hunters travel in pairs, or was one of them taken out earlier.

Other than than that, see the first sentence on this comment.