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Comments for 'Elite Black Spartans [episode 1 the cruisers menace]'

2:27 am | September 12, 2003
man this ship is great and the fire power is so powerful, but didn't some of the unsc ships get fried by emp in other batles from nukes?
9:38 pm | September 6, 2003
Too unrealistic, it sucks the big harry one.
The Spartans should be green.
Alpha Lance
8:36 pm | September 1, 2003
Yeah I have to agree with everyone. But we must remember that he is writting about Halo. And Halo is a game. And anything can happen in a game.

Alpha Lance: creator of Halo Trilogy
8:06 pm | September 1, 2003
Following all of the Comments from before to many unrealistic things like that battle CRUSIER, its sound like an over sized battleship. the idea of having a ship like that would benefit the UNSC BIG time but the UNSC could not make a ship like that, it would take to much of there resources away from the war with the Covenant and they need all the spare resources they can get
Captain Yossarian
4:12 pm | September 1, 2003
dude...no way the UNSC could build a ship that big...and the spartans....come on man, no way they would have had time to become 'elite' when john was batch one and batch two never made it off reach. if you take the time to work out its many kinks....maybe it could hold. but otherwise its doubtful.
Spartan 117
1:21 am | September 1, 2003
make the battle more interesting. Have the humans take casualties. The ship is really unrealistic. But i like the idea about the 200 spartans.
9:34 pm | August 31, 2003
5:4o PM/August 31, 2003
No way in the entire universe could a human ship be that powerful, I mean c'mon plasma torpedos, honestly.
7:55 pm | August 30, 2003
Your story is too unrealistic.
4:44 pm | August 30, 2003
The ship is to big and to powerful and not realistic. 7.5/10