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Comments for 'A Halo Novelization: Chapter 2: AI's and Cyborgs First!: Part 1'

9:04 pm | December 14, 2002
That's the same story as strategyfreak you copycatter!!!!
2:08 am | December 10, 2002
Why cut your story short why not make it last forever ;-)!!!
Serial Sniper (MiltieOrdakowski)
11:03 pm | December 9, 2002
I know how many chapters there will be because I have all of the story in my head, but I haven't typed it yet.
Serial Sniper (MiltieOrdakowski)
11:01 pm | December 9, 2002
Make that 30 chapters.
10:00 pm | December 8, 2002
I don't understand how you dont have it done but you alreayd know how many chapters lol!
4:23 am | December 8, 2002
well type one at a time, that way we don't get 23 chapters flooding in all at one time.
MiltieOrdakowski (MarioMTO)
1:29 am | December 8, 2002
My next story, "Deep Strike" will be 23 chapters long, but don't expect it very soon. It will take a while to type, but it's going to be a good series.
9:20 pm | December 7, 2002
Also, I will be changing my screen name to MiltieOrdakowski.
1:05 pm | December 7, 2002
I am making another story, but it will take a damn long time to type it, so don't expect it any time soon. By the way, I probably won't be continuing this series.
2:46 am | December 7, 2002
Pretty good, but not many people will stick with it for long if they've already played the game through themsleves. Not trying to bash you, just trying to give some helpful insight.
11:01 pm | December 6, 2002
that was pretty good. Only the fact that if you were following the story line, there wouldn't be a shotgun for him to use. But otherwise it was pretty good. Keep it up =()
10:05 pm | December 6, 2002
ugh, I don't want to discourage you, but i wouldn't like to read something i've done a million times myself. I'm sure other poeple will like it tho, so keep it up. :)