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Comments for 'Christmas on the Front Lines'

10:20 pm | December 29, 2003
Been gone for awhile, being Christmas and all and me getting an Xbox and Halo... reminded me of the story of the Christmas Cease-Fire of 1914 when the English and the Germans walked out of their trenches and exchanged gifts with each other, sang, drank and ate together, much to the horror of their officers. And the next day they were at it again. Very good.

Semper Fi

3:36 am | December 29, 2003
Very nice descriptions of the base. In my version, all the humans die and the Covenant make a big christmas feast using there dead corpses. Muhawhawhawhaw!!
10:48 pm | December 28, 2003
Heh. I notice you paraphrased Kall 'Kanamee from the Battle for the Norah.
(Go read it kiddos)
As for the story, not bad. Funny in parts.
The Razor
11:03 am | December 27, 2003
That was assom!Oh mmm,that was a great story hemmm.

I think that one Human begin to sing: we whis you a merry christams and then a second Human begins and then it spreds like a epedemi to both Humans and and Covenat.And the Fild master disturbing the dans that just begun. then a grunt take his plasmagun and shot the Fild master.

And I have only begun writing and I know, I write wors then a kow
2:48 am | December 27, 2003
lol covvies singing, I wonder how it sounds, like a tourtered cow or dieing hawk? But in my ending, a UNSC ship falls from orbit on the covvies and a captain come out with hot coco conisters! Wooo
5:37 pm | December 26, 2003

A big ole' grunt marshmellow roast.
Spartan III
3:24 am | December 26, 2003
Nice story, funny too. I like the twist you threw into it.

In my ending, the Field Master dies from a Sniper Bullet. The grunts throw down their weapons, and the rest of the Covenant do the same. The marines throw down their weapons. They then form a big circle, and sing Christmas carrols. Yipee!