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Comments for 'Foregoing the Experience'

guy sebastion australian idol
5:28 am | December 30, 2003
your gay
12:00 pm | December 24, 2003
Thank you guys. Your words do truly inspire me. I'm not joking.

I'm trying to get around to every story posted in this batch, and I'll probably do it.

Thanks again guys for your compliments.
3:04 am | December 24, 2003

I figured any email they could send me they could send Louis.
2:37 am | December 24, 2003
I loved it. It's now got a place on my "Top Ten Series of HBO" list along with Dispraiser's Derailed. Nice email adress, by the way.

Semper Fi

10:20 pm | December 23, 2003
Hawk still reads stuff. He always posts comments...they're just posted a bit later than usual.
10:09 pm | December 23, 2003
Up there with Steele and Frensa...lol The greatest comment I ever got was from Hawk, you remember him, I was the only person he ever really gave 10/10s to. Where is he?

Great story Mainevent, love it.
8:55 pm | December 23, 2003
Mainevent, I don't know where you get the energy to write this story and poems! I've run out of compliments to write about your work. Have no fear- you've earned your wings. You're now up there with Steele and Frensa. That's the best compliment I can give...
8:33 pm | December 23, 2003
I read the first three or so lines before I almost felt sick, I realized how far I have to go before I even can call myself decent.

Excellent story!(In my way of thinking, two so small mistakes are nothing to care about.)
6:18 pm | December 23, 2003
Holy shit, youre a genius. I just read this entire series today and I have to say your creativeness amazezes me, with the story behind the Flood, the incredible detail in the Forerunner vehicles and weapons, plus the great charactor like Elsirik, this is one of the best stories EVER.

Im not sucking up, Im serious. This deserves an A+ (yes, Im using letter grades to grade stories now)
5:51 pm | December 23, 2003
Forgive the one or two There/Their mistakes.

I was typing quickly.

My bad.