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Comments for 'The Eve of Genesis'

10:59 pm | December 8, 2003
Excellent. Superb! Stupendious!! Extraordinary!!! My vocabulary can only take me so far, but needless to say I liked it. Very original, almost entirely free of mistakes, and it had emotion and suspense. Cleary you invested a lot of time into this, and you've set the standard for us all. Congratulations.
10:03 pm | December 8, 2003
frickin pimp man
I HOPE that all them forerunner faggots that believed the flamer monitor DIE.
stupid greedy mother frickers
anyways good job
3:36 pm | December 8, 2003
The name of the author says it all! I don't think that Mainevent can write a bad story. 10/10!
11:28 pm | December 7, 2003
This was good. Reminded me of "The 6th Day". I hope that Elsrik escapes... and becomes Adam, perhaps? Time will tell.

Semper Fi

5:17 pm | December 7, 2003
Shit, the Forerunners are the Flood! I'm not so sure about that but the story's really good - well written. Just proves that the Monitor's a bastard whichever way you look at it.

5:14 pm | December 7, 2003
Pretty damn good, 10/10
4:29 pm | December 7, 2003
I like! I like!