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Comments for 'The 7th Column: Betrayal'

10:50 pm | November 28, 2003
sup walker i from the forum yo yo
10:48 pm | November 27, 2003
Hell, I hardly do my homework.
10:47 pm | November 27, 2003
Yea, but I'm serious. I hate my geometry teacher. It's funny, I do as well or better than a lot of people in my class, and I haven't studied once.
9:24 pm | November 27, 2003
That's cool. Good odds for me.
9:17 pm | November 27, 2003
For me, not much harder than Honors, which I had all through 6-8 grade. But then again, it was a prep school. Anyway, I maintain a C in Geometry, but only because that lady seriously has it out for me. THat and math is my week subject. Not a good combo. I have A's in every other subject, so it's not that hard.

But then again, it's not IB. It's mostly just more detailed honors. A couple more essay questions on the test. I'm a freshman now, and It isn't that hard. We have only had I think 3 people fail the program so far.
8:41 pm | November 27, 2003
I mean pre-IB. We call it the same down here. It sucks, I'm the same age as some of my friends but since my school is messed up I'm a year under them, though I started at the regular time and I wasn't held back. So, I'm going to be a freshman next year. How much harder is IB than regular education (honors)? I could use a first-hand account.

Semper Fi

6:29 pm | November 27, 2003
Hey Walker, so am I...

Well, when I'm a junior. I still got pre-IB next year.
4:54 pm | November 27, 2003
Quoting Hank Hill, "Ugh! I felt like I died and gone to New York!" The Internet was down and I felt starved. Now it's back... but who knows for how long. Well, no, I'm not gay, and I plan to keep writing, it's just getting more tedious. I'm going to try and finish all my ideas by the end of this school year, because odds are I won't have time next year. I'm heading to IB.

Semper Fi

5:33 am | November 27, 2003
Thanks Hornet. It's ok. I don't really like this series.
5:06 am | November 27, 2003
yeah Walker, keep writing. I like your stories
2:53 am | November 27, 2003
Oh, and Mainevent, I have to admit I haven't really been following this series so I was a little lost, but this story was plenty exciting and I liked how it wasn't at all like most of the other stories out there.
2:26 am | November 27, 2003
Seriously, how childish do you have to be when you've got nothing better to do than spam other peoples forums. Walker, keep writing, don't worry about how long it takes. A lot of authors, including Wado, take a long time between each post and still have faithful followings. And if that isn't up your alley, than write out all or half of a story and then submit it in increments. This allows you to still work with feedback and to keep new chapters coming at a fresh enough pace to keep your audience entertained.
10:57 pm | November 26, 2003
Can't we just settle down for the love of god. I learned that fighting like this will get your ass kicked off fanfiction so fast. Walker dude don't stop writing. Someone report those people who are posting shit to Louis Wu.
9:49 pm | November 26, 2003
dude you guys are all gay. i hate this website. gametalk is the best you fuckers better than all of these god damn sites. i hope you die walker. bitch!
9:47 pm | November 26, 2003
wait, that wasnt you walker? so your not gay. and your gonna keep on writing storys. yes. well tell me if that was you or not.
6:49 pm | November 26, 2003
Here here.

Ban them to hell.
12:42 pm | November 26, 2003
y dont u write storys walker ? is it cuz u suck balls u fuckin ass lickind jackass
12:36 pm | November 26, 2003
god walker, i hope u fuckin die u bich ass piece of shit. i hope u suffer to going to the website. u bich fukin cunt lickin dick
Walker (the real one, once again)
5:28 am | November 26, 2003
Give up, stupid proboard people. Who wants to submit an anti-them petition to Louis Wu? I'm sick of the retarded impersonators. I want their IPs banned.
4:03 am | November 26, 2003
This site doesn't suck. This is the best halo site ever. Why is everyone stopping. Why dont you guys still write stories? Dude, there is no point to stop. I like all your stories, and everyone is not writing anymore. first Agent Shade, then Xitwound, the you walker. Why ? keep on writing. Please !!!!!
4:02 am | November 26, 2003
hey what ever happened to Agent Shade. He was the best writer here, is he still writing Shadow Ops II ?
3:31 am | November 26, 2003
this site suks nothin' against u guys but how can u have a site just about halo and another thing u r all so proper with your good grammer and all as u know im a member of http://xboxgamestorys.proboards23.com/inde.cgi?board=talk&action=display&num=1069727873 or the "gayass" website as u call it but i think u guys are the gayasses and this website is gay
2:23 am | November 26, 2003
I'm not going to write stories anymore. I am bored with this series because COTGB. I mean everybody is pressuring me to write fast, so you can read my stories. I've also thought about something...what if we are a bunch of stupid retards. There was this guy named darkpaladin, and he's kind of cute. He gives me a boner. He he. I'm gay if you didn't now. Bye hunks.
11:53 pm | November 25, 2003
I thought it was pretty good for a side story or whatever 10/10
10:52 pm | November 25, 2003
Walker, you better not stop with the COTGB series, that was one of my favourites, and your are one of the best active writers we've got.
12:58 pm | November 25, 2003
All of them or this one?

Cuz if it's this one, yeah, I don't really like it. I'll probably end it here. Or at least not write another one of these any time soon.

If all of them...well...tell me what's gone wrong and I'll correct it.
12:42 pm | November 25, 2003
I haven't found a story of yours I haven't liked yet. Just let me read the damn thing would you.
3:13 am | November 25, 2003
I think you should read the Earth branch of the series... it's a lot more interesting.
3:13 am | November 25, 2003
Well, read it first at least. It's not done yet (2 more books) but it's more int--well, you heard it before.
3:08 am | November 25, 2003
Well, just submitted Chapter 4 of COTGB... it may seem a bit rushed right at the end, but heck, it's boring to describe everything forever and ever like Tolkien did.

Semper Fi

3:00 am | November 25, 2003

Doesn't that cover look a LOT like New Mombasa...
2:35 am | November 25, 2003
Well, the thing about Homeworlds is that it's so long that only those who've kept up with it actually have a clue what's going on. I guess that's the pity. I figured it was a good story. But what can I say. There are those on Xbox.com forums who still read it from time to time. I keep it up for those who read it. If they don't, no skin off my back. It can do nothing more than help me, right?
2:06 am | November 25, 2003
Well, Homeworlds didn't seem to be getting many comments either (I'd read it but it'd take forever... I might someday, though). But Countdown Earth is doing good.

Which brings us to another issue... discontinuing series. It pains me to even think to do it, but COTGB has lost its fire. I'll try to finish it, but it seems I'm just prolonging the inevitable: a boring story that will eventually dissapoint everyone.

Vote here: Continue COTGB or don't?

Semper Fi

11:15 pm | November 24, 2003
Wow... your series seem to be dying out.