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Comments for 'Homeworlds XXIV'

1:41 am | November 27, 2003
He'll make a come back. We might even see him later in his life. *cough foreshadowing sequel cough*
10:16 pm | November 26, 2003
Great story man, but what ever happened to that baby Jackal that Spartan snuck aboard the ship?
CoLd BlooDed
12:26 pm | November 25, 2003
Kick ass story man, lol I'm gonna have to read all the other 'Homeworlds' because this is the first I've read. Anyways 10/10.

P.S Check out my new Fight for New Tatley chapter....Chapter 3: Bank Withdrawal.
2:12 am | November 25, 2003
I know it's long. Probly too long. I'll start hittin up the fighting, and get to the ending pretty soon. As for Countdown Earth...4 more chapters, then it's out. The 7th Column is over, fux it.
1:02 am | November 25, 2003
yo mainevent
i just submitted another Neverland
i personally like it
but about your stuff diein out
i think ya should keep this one goin
i really like this one
prolly my favorite series
just make sure that faggoty 343GS dies and all the gay Sentinals go wit im ;D
10:30 pm | November 24, 2003
Thank ya. Much appreciated.
9:56 pm | November 24, 2003
bout time ya made another homeworlds
i love this series
this chapt was frickin pimp
loved the training exercises
pimp job