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Comments for 'Countdown Earth: Hour Five'

Blue Angel
12:56 pm | November 17, 2003
i finally read your story. i have just written anoter story, this one has nothing to do with my original which i am writing. i thought yours was really great. keep up the good work. oh yeah thanks for the tips on writing. i had forgotten how to write like i used to long time ago. but thanks anyway
4:32 am | November 17, 2003
Okay, I finally read it all, and I have to say...GOOD STORY! The only thing I can complain about is the length, but you already gave an ample response to that, so Ill let it slide. 9/10
10:39 pm | November 16, 2003
The next homeworlds is coming out in the batch after next.

The next batch has the second part of hour five, and homeworlds next part will be in the one after that.
9:56 pm | November 16, 2003
I second that. And I also would like to say: CHECK OUT SPARTAN III's PART 6, BATTLES OF THE SEA. Its much better than any of my other parts, I think I can get Walker to back me up on that right?

(P.S. I'll be back agian once I've gone back and read this entire series. And when is the next Homeworlds coming out?)
1:45 pm | November 14, 2003
Y'all should go to H_K's ASOWE 2. The writing is a lot better, better formed, and in general more enjoyable. Y'all would get a kick out of it.
12:38 pm | November 14, 2003
Well, pure actions coming up pretty soon.

I had to rationalize a reason for there to be heavy weapons emplacements, barricades, and choke points at an airport. As for the story, it really wasn't that complicated in this part.
12:29 pm | November 14, 2003
The next couple of hours are going to be mostly action, with a little story in there. The last hour is going to be the whole chabang.
3:56 am | November 14, 2003
Very good. I think it would have been better for these guys to challenge the shadows like they did, have no singing out, then these guys open fire, hear some corpses drop to the floor, then look at each other.


"You wanna go see...?"

"No... I don't want to see. If they were ours they'd have sung out. They didn't, they're Covies, and if they're not they're damned stupid--and dead. So there's no reason to see."

But [insert name] didn't need to look closely at [insert other guy]'s face to see that he knew what they both knew. Those corpses out there were human. There was red blood on the ground.


Anyway, it was great. I like the action parts since the rest is just way to complicated and I am way too tired... maybe some pure-action would be a pleasant change for awhile...

Semper Fi

10:50 pm | November 13, 2003
doin good
not much to this one but i understand why
keep it up
9:08 pm | November 13, 2003
This is only going to be the first thirty minutes of hour five. SO this is only HALF of hour five.