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Comments for 'Homeworlds XXIII'

4:05 pm | January 26, 2004
The series is fantastic, and this chapter is no exception, but I think there is one notable omission from the 'Big Ten' - Britain! Do you not like our little nation, or did you *gasp* forget us?
12:56 pm | November 11, 2003
I tired reading this series once... but it was sooooooo long! And it was already way way in when I started, so I gave up. I might gather up my courage sometime and try again, but not anytime soon, most likely... just too long! Sorry. I'm already too weighted down with all the homework, writing my own stuff, and reading everybody else's stuff... but hey, your short stories are always good. But I just don't think I can tackle a now in its *23rd?* chapter... I just don't have the stamina. Maybe I can chew it off slowly, and get little pieces at a time... but not for awhile. Anyway, from the first half-chapter or so I read, it was great. If I ever read it, the reviews will all be positive ones.

Sorry if I seem like a lazy bum... but I felt guilty.

Semper Fi

3:49 am | November 11, 2003
I totally understand, I tried to bring myself to read all of Hiakru's stories, but I saw "your story is 118 word pages", i said F it and read the last chapter.
7:47 am | November 10, 2003
Fanfic is slowly changing from a low grade corner where peeps put up lame story's, to a quality full board full of inventive story's.

if I had the money I would go party right now lol.

ever dreamed of working with Bungie... lol...

BTW, as allways, this is one quality full story.

and... keep following the MCconto chronicles, who by the way will change name when its full product, since it isnt complete yet. since I got some trouble with my broadband its hard to post a story each week...

its a tough job but once it finally complete I will have a masterpiece in my hands, and maybe you too.

4:50 am | November 10, 2003
Slow week? Maybe..
11:05 pm | November 9, 2003
4:50 pm | November 9, 2003
Thanx SOS.Odin, the next installment will have more action in it.
2:12 pm | November 9, 2003
great story
an informative one
sure didnt expect a cease fire
5:39 pm | November 8, 2003
I just sumbitted a short story, that goes with The 7th Column, and a poem.

I really don't feel like writing a whole lot more between now and the next batch. So that'll be all ya get.

Any more comments?
12:54 pm | November 8, 2003
Alright. I give this a 9/10. The only thing I can really complain about is the 'Stay Tuned', at the end, it makes it sound like a tv show. But its only a minor nuisance. Keep it up.

(Note: Spartan III's, Part 6 is in the works. I was supposed to have it finished by Wensday night, but my computer crashed. Its back up now though)
2:01 am | November 8, 2003
I always put 'Stay Tuned' at the end of my stories (considering it is a series). It's sort of my tag line.