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2:03 pm | November 3, 2003
Mmhmm. That's right.
12:36 pm | November 3, 2003
Good Point

Tom Dashcle August: I am for the war.

Tom Daschle Now: I was totally against the war, I always thought it was a bad idea.

Me: Then why'd you vote for it.

Him: Duhr....
11:46 pm | November 2, 2003
We wouldn't of if he had actually tried to win. But, then again, that's what you get when you have Democrats running the war. They don't want to commit to a full-scale fight. And you never start a war unless you're willing to kill every last man, woman and child to win it.

Semper Fi

10:56 pm | November 2, 2003
I don't care if it is for oil. As long as we can take out a despotic ruler AND help ourselves, go for it. I mean hell, it's better than Korea or Vietnam. What'd we get out of that except a slap in the face?
5:05 pm | November 2, 2003
If the majority of people held true to the original ideals, then yes america would be nice, but currently picking wars for shady reasons isn't exactly the best way to show it.
4:39 pm | November 2, 2003
Thank you very much Dispraiser, that means a lot to me.

ANd no, there is no where else I would rather live....well, maybe Hawaii, but that hasn't been in America since we took it over...
4:39 pm | November 2, 2003
This could be a double post, dunno, sorry if it is.

But that means very muich to me Dispraiser, and I mean it. Thanks.

Also, I would rather live in Alaska or Hawaii.

Their really lax on all the "Lefty" policies.

Sorry to offend "Lefties", but I really could cur less.
12:51 pm | November 2, 2003

Nah. The Chinese running the Covenant would be funnier
12:00 pm | November 2, 2003
4:32 am | November 2, 2003
It's odd, Mainevent, when I remember you coming here, which I believe I remember correctly you always said your fanfics sucked, but I'd say that now you have risen to become one of the most pwoerful fanfic writers here, probably top three currently active, easily.

America is awesome. I can complain about how things have changed in America, from it's original idea, but I can still say to myself, where would I rather live?
3:33 am | November 2, 2003
A long line of Bushes later...

"Dubya, didn't they teach you anything in the Air National Guard?" GB Sr. says, walking onto the bridge of the enemy ship and finding his son's body amongst the ever-aging pile of dead Bushes. "You shoot the guy first," he says, putting a .45 slug in the Prophet's forehead. "Then you see who he is."

He bends over the "Prophet", and sniffs. Disgusted, he reels away. "Never cared for the guy much... didn't know how to run a war, fight one, or not fight one, for that matter. That goes for all of them. Reatards. All get my 'Secretly from NY' stamp of disapproval.
2:41 am | November 2, 2003
"The CHief stared coldly into the prophets beady eyes, he felt the sudden urge to get a clearer look. He removed his helmet. HE WAS GEORGE BUSH XIV!!! The prophet removed his mask as well, it was OSAMA KIM CHIRAC CLINTON!!!!! The Chief's heart stopped beating and he died."
Alpha Lance
2:33 am | November 2, 2003
No! Poor Afgans running the covenant would be funny.
Alpha Lance
6:47 pm | November 1, 2003
Hey, that would be sweet.

BTW, has anyone read my new rap song, "Are You Afraid?"
6:06 pm | November 1, 2003
I know, we can make a story where the Canadians rule the Covenant....it would be totally unpredictable...
4:57 pm | November 1, 2003
Ya silly beer-guzzlin' Canadians. ;)
4:32 pm | November 1, 2003
nice, Go Canada!!
4:07 pm | November 1, 2003
I'm thinking about making another comedy pretty soon, I can spoof my own story and put that in thar.
4:02 pm | November 1, 2003
And as the Americans charge to their deaths with their flag flying high, Nemesis follows, five other men behind him, all drunk and waving small canadian flags.

"Die eh!"

hehe, if only that had been in that story...
Alpha Lance
3:51 pm | November 1, 2003
I loved the story. I saw the similarities between the story and the peoms. And thank God they weren't in France. I just can't see a soldier running out with a French flag. So thank God it was in America.

God bless America.
3:02 pm | November 1, 2003
Yea, Agreed the meat wasn't the best part, but I wasn't really going for that. I just wanted to right a story about that. It was more filler than anything.

Yes, it was American, but eh, I just don't see how I could have made this whole story happen if they were in France...
2:51 pm | November 1, 2003
No, these colors don't run. I'm guessing this was am American base? Everyone had English names, and the whole thing with the flag... Well, anyway, it was great, though I didn't like the meat of the story much. Truth be told it seemed a bit boring, even though the writing was excellent. But the end made it all amazing. These colors don't run.

Semper Fi