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Comments for 'Homeworlds XXII'

1:41 am | October 28, 2003
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Sergeant B
1:36 am | October 28, 2003
Just joking *starts laughing* LOL.
Sergeant B
1:34 am | October 28, 2003
Nazi attack! *turns pale*
The German
5:03 pm | October 27, 2003
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12:22 pm | October 27, 2003
we sure as hell will
3:53 am | October 27, 2003
Hour six, and CR4WL1NG are in. Hope you like them.
7:54 pm | October 26, 2003
Well, the space part of this whole story should be over pretty soon.
7:41 pm | October 26, 2003
The ship battles were written in the same style as tFoR, and to me the ship battles were the best part of that book, so thats a plus not minus.
Steve Ollett
6:24 pm | October 26, 2003
Good stuff, my only criticism being that the space battle is written in the same style as the battles in Halo:tFoR

5:10 pm | October 26, 2003
Gay british soccer ball indeed SOS, gay british soccer ball indeed...
12:02 pm | October 26, 2003
its easy to know who is locked up if u read the beginnin of the series...its a gay ball with a gay accent...one that should be used for soccer.
pimp story again bruh
12:02 pm | October 26, 2003
i didnt get first post *siff
4:52 am | October 26, 2003
I'll take your lack of name and comment to mean 10/10.

Thanks for the support.
Alpha Lance
3:35 am | October 26, 2003
That is one kickass story, nothing to complain about ese, ten-ten.

And I have no clue who the humans have lock up. I'M going to try to fegure it out.
3:35 am | October 26, 2003
5:13 pm | October 25, 2003
The Sentinels attacked the Covenant at first because they thought they had one of their people (Sentinel's people, it'll make sense soon). Then they went in search of someone else who could have had it, and found the humans. Ahh, but the humans do have one of theirs.

Can you guess who it is the humans have "locked up"?

It's earlier on in the series, see if you can find it.

And the Jackal commander was only a superfluous role, as the prophets felt sympathy for the loss of their entire homeworld, and decided to let the "best" jackal they knew of command the ship. But, he proved quickly why they didn't put Jackals in command roles.

Then again, it would have all been explained later....
4:30 pm | October 25, 2003
woohoo first post...damn good story ur makin mainevent...im likin every bit of it...keep it up...10/10 bruh
4:28 pm | October 25, 2003
first post, alright. This is a great series with a great plot, there are only a few things I have questions on.
The ship hat hailed the Prophets Will had a Jackal commander, which wouldn't happen as that position is reserved exclusively for Elites.

Second, why? What purpose would it serve the Sentinels to attack humans/covenant?

Great story, but still SHORT!!! 9.7/10