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Comments for 'Countdown Earth: Hour Seven'

2:04 am | October 25, 2003
They won't lose. That's what the Nautilus is for, but as long as there is still a shred of hope that humanity can be saved, they won't fire it.
7:19 pm | October 24, 2003

It was a wording problem in your dialogue. It wasn't so much gramatical as rhetoricly. They always talk as if they're primary objective is to make it so the Covenant can't win, but in reality they could care less as long as the Humans don't lose.
It's kinda hard to explain, but it's all about reality. This is a nagging glitch and the epitome. There were other things too, but none were worthy of being deemed erronous.
I am having a hard time explaining this problem, but it throws people out of character and out of place. They are fighting for their lives, and would be working off emotions, not logic. They would see that they don't want to lose. Lose is also a harsher word that makes the threat seem worse.

Would you rather not win, or lose?

I don't think I said this right.
7:10 pm | October 24, 2003
Thank ya Dispraiser.

I'll look over my next installment more carefully.
6:27 pm | October 24, 2003
Love the formatting.

Flackfic of 2

I gave you one for grammar, I saw some extra words, and as I have explined before, the English language makes people do that a lot.
The second was for something. I started this review around thirty minutes ago, but I have the Matrix playing on my TV and I got distracted. All I remember is I had a damn good reason to take two points, but you got one back for using HBO form code above and beyond what is normal. Sorry...
11:38 am | October 24, 2003
That was SWEET. dude that story was bloody well awesome. omg right another right another.
7:06 pm | October 23, 2003
It's six hundred years in the future. THat's my answer to you Walker. Got it, got it....*gives him a cold stare*.


I got it mixed up, but I wanted to put in in there cuz it sounds cool. Eh, my bad. Sorry guys.
7:06 pm | October 23, 2003
Ahh, there was a mistake in this story, not a simple grammar or spelling one. Can anyone find it?
The German
5:47 pm | October 23, 2003
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The German
2:13 pm | October 23, 2003
Hey bro----way nice storyline. Keep up the good work. If you ever read these things, email me because I'm trying to write one on my own, but I think I need some tips, and who better than you, right? Email me bro, and we'll work on one together maybe. My address is mark_elsholz@hotmail.com. Halo kicks
11:49 am | October 23, 2003
*Applauds Mainevent*

This is gettin' better and better. Without you, Mainevent, HBO would be hard-pressed to keep from being dull. Only one thing I can think of, and that is that the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is in Arlington National Cemetery. Maybe there's another one, or you meant they moved it. I don't know. Either way...


Semper Fi

Sergeant B
10:35 am | October 23, 2003
Really good Mainevent!! I love it. Awesome series you have. No errors I think.