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Comments for 'Countdown Earth: Hour Eight'

10:33 am | October 22, 2003
What? I was just giving your story a direction.
10:33 am | October 22, 2003
OOH OOH, and sense the spartans love Halsey, and don't know that the company nemesis is for is actually bad, the company tells them that Nemesis is trying to kill her, and the Spartans try to stop him.
2:47 am | October 22, 2003
pretty much lol i'm sorry man, i hate spamming, and i don't mean too...
1:21 am | October 22, 2003
And then Nemesis finds out, but it's too late because he's already killed Robert Watts Junior, who was the only person who knew about Nemesis' employer. So now his employer is trying to kill him while visibly being his friend. So he has to piece together what's going on and who's trying to kill him before they succeed.
10:53 pm | October 21, 2003
again, i'm really sorry Mainevent, but this is too Dispraiser. the whole idea of MJOLNIR is that Dr. Halsey has been kidnapped and an ONI agent, code named "Nemesis" has to try and get her back...my idea was that it would be Nemesis's employer who had Dr. Halsey, not Robert Watts Junior who people thought it was...sounds confusing, i know, which is why i was getting somewhat bored with it, cuzz i couldn't make up an ending...sorry Mainevent...great story lol
9:11 pm | October 21, 2003
I love it man.
I *for some twisted reason* like when bad guys win. so make sure Earth goes up in a big bang :D
9:02 pm | October 21, 2003
Also, the next installment of Homeworlds might not be what you think, you'll have to wait and see.
11:09 am | October 21, 2003
Yea, I guess so, good job catching that.

I remembered asking that question a long time ago, but I didn't think too much of it.
2:09 am | October 21, 2003
Depends on a lot of things, that is, if I will help. Judging by the name, it involves Spartans. Generally I try to avoid that, though Spartan 3s make frequent appearences in my fanfics, and cause lots of mischief... If htis involves the Master Chief, Pillar of Autumn, keyes, Cortana, ect, not only will I refuse to write it, but if I were to it would be a SIN.

Busy? Never. How'd Walker know that?

Anyways, check out other options too, and see if you find someone you like better, or go skim some of my fanfics. I'll go read the MJOLNIR thing tommorow and see if I like the plot enough to let it kick a few of my other fanfics out of the way.
10:24 pm | October 20, 2003
I just got HTF awhile ago and I read somethin' funny in there... it talks about Sergeant Parker as a "him" up to page 113, then it briefly refers to Sergeant Parker as "her" and "she", as far as I can tell... I didn't see any reference to Cortana nearby. Was this just a typo?
8:40 pm | October 20, 2003
I'd take it up Nemesis but I've got too many problems going on as it is. You might try handing it over to Dispraiser, though. I think he's one of the least busy out of all of us, or maybe GLAD. Heck, maybe even Hawk.

Great story, Mainevent... the plot grows thicker... 10/10.

Semper Fi

7:48 pm | October 20, 2003
It's perfectly alright, I like comments.
6:45 pm | October 20, 2003
up to par with me ;). i'm kidding, this is better. the whole idea of Earth's destruction slowly coming reminds me a lot about The Core. okay, i dunno bout you, but i really liked that movie and i like this one just as much.

i'm sorry to spam Mainevent, but i'm thinking about doing another Shadow Ops series, since i'm losing ideas for MJOLNIR already. if someone likes it a lot and wishes to take it up, e-mail me and i'll send you what i got. again, i'm sorry Mainevent, but i don't plan on sending in another MJOLNIR chapter, so i can't let people know about it through it's comments section. I'm rambling on, sorry. Great story, no problems, no improvements needed by my watch, 10/10