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Comments for 'Homeworlds (X)2'

2:58 am | October 20, 2003
I agree with FOrunnER, it was a good idea and im glad you used it. im too used to writing 10/10 for you so im going to start dropping that part, because its all I ever give you, lol.
Alpha Lance
5:42 pm | October 19, 2003
Really good story man, i have nothing to complain about, ten-ten.
12:45 pm | October 19, 2003
Alright. I'm glad you stuck with the whole Sentinal thing, keep it up.
Javier Fernandez-Vina
12:32 pm | October 19, 2003
me being speechless.
Javier Fernandez-Vina
12:29 pm | October 19, 2003