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Comments for 'Countdown Earth: Hour Nine'

Nemesis (aka Agent Shade)
1:46 am | October 17, 2003
very impressive as well, though i knew you were a good writer anyway...i personally didn't see any grammar problems...excellent use of punctuation and words, keep it up 10/10
Sergeant B
1:23 am | October 17, 2003
Yeah Mainevent. Eric Nylund's story is a little better I guess. William Dietz always called assault rifle assault weapon for some reason. and Nylund's have more detail.......
Alpha Lance
7:50 pm | October 16, 2003
I totaly agree with Walker. (9.5/10)
9:59 pm | October 15, 2003
A few grammar/spelling mistakes, but other than that, absolutely magnificent. I look forward to Hour Eight.

Semper Fi

7:17 pm | October 15, 2003
It's perfectly ok. I totally know where your coming from. I loved both The Flood and The Fall of Reach, but for somereason I just liked Eric Nylund's story better.
Sergeant B
6:54 pm | October 15, 2003
Really really good. Can't wait for the next stuff in this story or series. Not sure. And hope you don't mind what I said about you... It was just showing how much I love Shady's stories.