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Comments for 'Tides of War'

11:08 am | October 13, 2003
Thank you Walker for your very generous words.

A four page long poem?????

We can call it an epic.
1:42 am | October 13, 2003
And I just submitted Part 3 of COTGB. Enjoy when it comes out. Maybe I can have it endorsed by Mainevent?
Alpha Lance
10:39 pm | October 12, 2003
I agree with Walker. Sides, I to busy with homework and I got to go hunting. So it may take longer for Halo Trilogy and poems to be posted. (10/10)
9:16 pm | October 12, 2003
Good poem Mainevent as usual!
5:33 pm | October 12, 2003
Just submitted two new poems, one of them 4 pages long. Hope they're as good as this one. Or anything by Mainevent, since he is the best here with poems. Even Alpha isn't this good, and that says a lot since his poems are awesome.

Semper Fi

4:53 pm | October 11, 2003
very, very creative. i liked it alot!
4:30 pm | October 11, 2003
Sand is good....
12:56 am | October 11, 2003
That was beautiful, man. Sand.

Semper Fi

9:18 pm | October 10, 2003
This was for all of the untold stories of pieces of sand and glass in the war effort.
9:03 pm | October 10, 2003
another pimp poem main
you got some mad talent
9:00 pm | October 10, 2003
dude your stories and peoms kick ass keep em comin