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Comments for 'Homeworlds XVI'

1:51 am | October 7, 2003
just got done reading ur whole series...i got no life...hahha...reckin i like it...else i wouldnt have read it all...10/10 on ur whole series so far...keep it up man
Alpha Lance
12:21 am | October 5, 2003
The story, "Slow TO Perfection (part 3) is 9106 words long!
Alpha Lance
9:36 pm | October 4, 2003
Thanks monitor
3:57 pm | October 4, 2003
The General isn't commanding the ship. He is over the entire Spartan program now. He is heading up the task force, which is composed of a small fleet. The admirals he is working with are doing all of that.
1:10 pm | October 4, 2003
Why would a general be commanding a ship?
1:48 am | October 4, 2003
You mean this entry or my series in all?
1:48 am | October 4, 2003
Now time for more fighting. On the ground. With the bad people. ..or is it?
12:57 am | October 4, 2003
Great! 10/10.
9:27 pm | October 3, 2003
Well at least I'm pretty sure because that was a very long fic.
9:27 pm | October 3, 2003
Nice story Main sweet keep it up! Yah I know its "Slow TO Perfection" by Cory Lyon.
Alpha Lance
9:20 pm | October 3, 2003
It was real good Mainevent, a real good story. Can't wait for the next. Also, does anyine know the name of the londest fanfic every writin on this site?
Sergeant B
10:44 am | October 3, 2003
Pretty good. No.....not pretty good. Really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!