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Comments for 'Unforgiven'

Alpha Lance
12:23 am | October 5, 2003
Nice going the kick ass poem Maineven, I don't normaly give out scores, but I have to give a highest grade, that I think is the highest: 10/10
11:11 am | October 4, 2003
very touching
1:51 am | October 4, 2003
I kinda rushed this one. I didn't really start out with any plan for what I was going for, so if it looks like it. My bad.
Yo Yo (Kaboose)
1:03 am | October 4, 2003
Very Very Very touching...
12:50 am | October 4, 2003
i love u man
the best most touching ive read from u
8:27 pm | October 3, 2003
I'm not quite so enthusiastic as Sergeant B, but this was wonderful. I've said about your other poems all that can be said about this one, all the praises, all the amazement, so I'll simply leave you with a rating, highest of all, in my eyes: 11/10.

Semper Fi

Sergeant B
10:42 am | October 3, 2003
I love this!!
*screaming, "Come to me!! I love you baby!*