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Comments for 'The 7th Column: Deceit'

6:38 pm | October 2, 2003
What? My "people replied in here" alarm just went off. Is everything okay? Oh...

Yeah, after a month at HBO a highy trained team of assassins comes to our homes and sticks a chip in our heads that only lets us see fanfics that have comments in them.

False alarm guys!
12:48 am | September 30, 2003
Lol, it was a joke. But it worked.

See my test, was taht people only respond to stories with responses already in there. And you responded.

So I have to conclude that I was correct in my assumption.
Sergeant B
12:34 am | September 30, 2003
Mainevant commenting Mainevant! Now that's just weak!
12:20 am | September 30, 2003
First of all, i'd like to say great job Mainevent, and keep up the good work.