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Comments for 'Homeworlds XV'

11:15 am | September 30, 2003
Lol, I guess they put the Spartan armors on a diet, to drop off 1.5 tons.
1:57 am | September 30, 2003
The Dawn of Dusk on Halo eh? Nice little twist, keep it up.
12:48 am | September 30, 2003
What, I thought the Mark V was a ton. So I halved it.
10:30 am | September 29, 2003
The marines were using real bullets

The spartans were using stun-rounds

Shimmer dropped his AR, and had to pick up the shotgun, but the rest of the Spartans still have their modified AR's with stun rounds.

And you just have to crush somethings you know....
3:57 am | September 29, 2003
ooooh... Pretty light lol

I thought there were to be no deaths, so why are they using shotgun shells and trying to crush marines?