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Comments for 'Deception'

5:53 pm | January 26, 2004
Heh heh, the old Trojan Horse trick!
10:30 am | September 23, 2003
I watched the history channel *blushes*
3:38 am | September 23, 2003
O.K., you can have it. I liked the story, only I thought it should have been harder for the Spartans to avoid staring at the box. I know they are Spartans and all, but to have them struggle presents drama and shows the boxes allure. Very good overall
3:38 am | September 23, 2003
Oh, and you been reading up on your History?
Admiral Yamamoto, the famed Japanese commander from WWII seems to have a distant relative.
2:06 am | September 23, 2003
I've got one. I'm keeping it to myself for now.
7:30 pm | September 22, 2003
Thanks. Anyone else got any reviews?
Sergeant B
10:23 am | September 22, 2003
Very nice Mainevant. Very very good. I love it. I liked how you used the defeat of the Covenant in the manner you wrote it in.