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Comments for 'Homeworlds XI'

7:26 pm | September 22, 2003
No, I'm not. I just write that at the bottom of my statements.
7:26 pm | September 22, 2003
I posted Homeworlds XII yesterday, but due to the "problems" that they've been having, I'm not sure if it was deleted or not. I'll give it a day, and if it doesn't show up, then I'm going to write Chapter XIII, because chapter XII was mostly just talking anyway, and not too much important info, nothing I can't rewrite into Chapter XIII.
6:23 pm | September 22, 2003
Nice job. I've been following this series from the start, and I must say, I'm very impressed.
Sergeant B
10:28 am | September 22, 2003
Good job Mainevant. 9.7/10. And you're part of the staff at halo.bungie.org? IN your thing, it said "The Management"