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Comments for 'The Dawn of Dusk'

11:15 am | September 21, 2003
Sorry guys.

Clean cut

not Cleancunt

Very sorry for that.
5:06 pm | September 20, 2003
Thank you much.

I don't usually do, or I should say didn't usually, write poems.

I just get bored sometimes and don't feel like writing a whole chapter. So I etch out a poem.
Alpha Lance
4:55 pm | September 20, 2003
Well Mainevent, you have really impress me. (10/10) And except more great peoms from me in the near future. And I want more from you too, keep it up man.

P.S. I'm not writting peoms to be the best. I'm writting peoms because I enjoy writting peoms. And I hope you write peoms, not to be the best, but to it because you enjoy.
3:48 pm | September 20, 2003
nice job