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Comments for 'Homeworlds X'

7:17 pm | September 20, 2003
I just posted the next chapter, it's named right. From now on they should all be named correctly.

Thanks guys. It's only getting better from here.
Alpha Lance
5:11 pm | September 20, 2003
Duuuddddeee, me and Mainevent posted one minute close to each other!!!!!!!!
Alpha Lance
5:09 pm | September 20, 2003
That's miss up, Part VI to Part X, but, this was a grear story, sooooooo, keep it up. And I want to see more great stories from you.
5:08 pm | September 20, 2003
Yea....about that, I named the last one wrong. This was chapter ten, and the last one was nine (but I had accidentally titled it as six). I don't know how I messed it up that bad, but I'm terribly sorry. All of the chapters are here though.
2:42 pm | September 20, 2003
Wait...I looked down the page and the last one you posted was Homeworlds VI...how did you jump from Part VI to Part X?

I'll go back and look, just in case my computer screwed up or something...
1:30 pm | September 20, 2003
Sorry this one's so short. I'm trying to set up the scene for the next couple of chapters.

You may be surprised what lies ahead.

Then again, you may not.

The world may never know.
Richard Thesiger
1:15 pm | September 20, 2003
not bad not bad at all. nice to see good writing sometimes isn it.