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Comments for 'Homeworlds VI'

12:32 am | September 20, 2003
Thank's alot Wado.

I've already posted Homeworlds X, a poem, and another Improv story.

So stay tuned.
8:49 pm | September 19, 2003
Commando elite? Opps, all this time I thought he was a Special Ops Grunt. Ummm.... Nevermind the whole active camo comment then. Excellent job.
10:37 am | September 19, 2003
I'm not sure if I understand what you mean about the camo thing...

He does have shields, he's a commando elite.
10:55 pm | September 18, 2003
Good story. Excellent job.

I'm not sure if that was active camo, but if so I thought active camo only worked on shields, but then who knows how those Forerunner artifacts and secret experiments really work.

What I like most was that the story kept a good pace and from a Covenant point of view. That really shows good creativity.

Nice going Mainevent.
10:24 am | September 18, 2003
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