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Comments for 'Do you know?'

Dave Luck
12:12 am | July 19, 2004
Again, extremely inspiring. As usual, great.

Mainevent rocks!

- Dave.
10:48 pm | September 19, 2003
The ending sold me. Nice.
The amazed Alpha Lance
8:04 pm | September 19, 2003
Damn! I do have some competition. And that peom kind of like my character from Halo Trilogy. He has no name, he has no family, and only one friend. Me likes, but, I will come up with more great peoms. Expect the best from me. But, I kind of started something here. Ever since I started to write all them peoms, more and more people started to write peom. I'm not the first to write peom, but I started something.
1:01 am | September 19, 2003
Amazing. Simply amazing. Alpha has some competition!
9:43 pm | September 18, 2003
Very very good Mainevent sweet keep it up!
7:35 pm | September 18, 2003
3:07 pm | September 18, 2003
Shallow, but deep. Nicely done.
9:09 am | September 18, 2003
Interesting. Sort of rythmic, sort of not. I think i like it ;-)