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Comments for 'Untitled Boredome Improv Story #2'

8:33 pm | September 17, 2003
Thank ya much. The next part will be here as soon as I can.
11:00 am | September 17, 2003
That was the funniest thing I've ever read! Make more! Put me in it!
Vi3tl3l3oi 023(Return of CPT CRAPPER)
3:18 am | September 17, 2003
i thought it was lol... lol... good story...
10:57 pm | September 16, 2003
The brilliance really showed through in the Sergeant B section...I nearly fell over backwards I was laughing so hysterically...::Cries and laughs at the same time::
Alpha Lance
9:18 pm | September 16, 2003
Oh man that was hilarious! I love it, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, and MORE!!!!! I want MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up man.
Sergeant B
7:08 pm | September 16, 2003
Great! I love it. So funny! And very original. I like the court part!
6:05 pm | September 16, 2003
That was hilarious. Unbelievable, and you really nailed Sergeant's personallity. Great job, keep it up.