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Comments for 'Homeworlds VII'

1:08 am | September 16, 2003
...or not. They seem to be taking a break, maybe there reading all of the fanfics BEFORE they post them. What a novel idea.....
8:22 pm | September 14, 2003
Thank you very much.

Homeworlds VIII has already been posted, hopefully it should be here by later today.
snowy duck
4:30 pm | September 14, 2003
you are write very well. you describe what's happening just enough to get a good picture but not too much so you don't loose the adrenaline. keep up the good work
11:26 am | September 14, 2003
I got tired of killing killing killing, so I decided to open up the side story of two other characters.

The dad and the son.

The dad will be fighting the covenant invasion around the world his son is on, and the son will try and survive it while protecting the mother the best he can.
3:03 am | September 14, 2003
Is there like a certain amount of forum space for each comments section?

If so, it's ok.

If not, post as much as you want.
Sergeant B
12:34 am | September 14, 2003
Sorry for using your block Mainevant.
Sergeant B
12:32 am | September 14, 2003
Who the hell is CPT CRAPPER?
Vi3tl3l3oi 023(Return of CPT CRAPPER)
3:23 pm | September 13, 2003
Srgeant B's turning around... hahaha...
Sergeant B
3:12 pm | September 13, 2003
Love it. Don't know why.