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Comments for 'Homeworlds V'

9:13 am | November 16, 2003
Fan of Red vs Blue, eh?
1:35 pm | September 7, 2003
I like the Blood Gulch idea, cool.
2:22 am | September 7, 2003
We may have to wait for the next addition for the suspense. I'm about to post it.
10:26 pm | September 6, 2003
I like the Blood Gulch move. The only thing that I can critisize about is the ending, I don't think it built much suspense for the next one, but that might just be me. 9/10
7:24 pm | September 6, 2003
Thank you very much.

Hopefully it's only going to get better from here.
Lord Revan
1:19 pm | September 6, 2003
Maybe I was wrong. I guess I should have waited for another story before judging your Blood Gulch move. Good work.

This should be pretty interesting.