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Comments for 'MJOLNIR MARK V'

Dave Luck
12:12 am | July 19, 2004
Very inspiring...

- Dave.
Alpha Lance
11:00 am | September 10, 2003
Take Jackhammer and blow that rag head ass off! He,He,He!
9:02 pm | September 9, 2003
The reason I used Keyes as his father was that I felt that he had a sort of personal connection with the Captain, not an actual physical relationship.

Like Mendoza was to John when he was younger.
9:48 pm | September 8, 2003
Holy Hell, Alpha! Mainevent, looks like we got a war with some rag heads! To FUCKING RAG HEAD SPOOFER: Let's get it on, fucking dickwad!
9:48 pm | September 8, 2003

*Takes pistol, and plants a clip of 7.74 mm(Sorry if this ain't perfect) into you skull, but it barely makes a dent on the fucking thing*

To everyone else: Good poem. 10/10, even though I usualy grade stories. lol. =)

- Hunter_Killer, Hater of DAMNED FUCKING ASSHOLES everywhere!!!
Alpha Lance
11:45 am | September 8, 2003
Who ever the hell you or what you are. SHUT THE FUCK UP! I take that personaly, on account that I write peoms too. And its you tat needs to get a life.
5:42 am | September 8, 2003
Man, Mainevent, that's one of the best Halo poems I think I've read in a long time. The only line I didn't jive with was the "Keyes was my Father" Keyes was a good friend and got him out of Reach, but the title of "Father" seems inappropriate, or maybe I missed something in the whole storyline. Sorry, don't want to bum you out on one detail because I really liked the rest of it. I give it a 9.6/10
8:02 pm | September 7, 2003
ya LOL
7:28 pm | September 7, 2003
I know a good ammo depot if you need high-quality bullets that are sure to get the job done.
6:05 pm | September 7, 2003
Looks like someone forgot their medication this morning...

But seriously. What is the point of surfing the net just so you can find people to insult? I wouldn't be surprised if "fuckardation is rampant", "you dumbass morons", "you fucking women", "KILL!", etc., are all just some attention-deprived thirty-year-old who hasn't seen sunlight in four years and spends his time in between begging his "mommy" for a new laptop upgrade and fantasizing about her doing such stunts as this. If so, I know a good remedy. And it only takes one bullet.
2:40 pm | September 7, 2003
really WTF?
1:32 pm | September 7, 2003
I guess if I was 42 and lived in my parents' basement that would be wierd, but...WTF
1:30 pm | September 7, 2003
Awesome, 10/10
mainevet you suck
4:46 am | September 7, 2003
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4:44 am | September 7, 2003
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4:44 am | September 7, 2003
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7:19 pm | September 6, 2003
Thanks guys,

I don't usually do poems and all, but I was bored, and really didn't feel like writing something long.
5:42 pm | September 6, 2003
lol, good job 10/10
Alpha Lance
5:15 pm | September 6, 2003
Damn that was will good, I may have some compition here, 10/10.