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Comments for 'Shay's Rebellion: Down but not out.'

3:22 pm | December 11, 2003
Oh look - the elite is called Akazee Sudahan. A fore and a surname. Conveniant, or is that Covenant?

Not bad - but agree with the guys.
Alpha Lance
12:45 am | August 27, 2003
Stay tune for:Shay Rebellion
Kinda like a tv show, and agree with the Walker.
8:40 pm | August 26, 2003
Jack Mehoff is spelled MEOPH
I like chicken I like Liver Meow Mix Meow Mix beats the others meow meow meow meow, meow mewo meow m
9:18 pm | August 25, 2003
hi ya i agree wit walker
9:16 pm | August 25, 2003
Very sorry about that.

I noticed some pitfalls that weren't included.

I did it on word, and my computer has been f*cking up lately, and kept shutting down while I was typing. I will make sure to read the entire next story before posting.

Once again, very sorry, and it won't happen again.
8:27 pm | August 25, 2003
wow, that was hard to understand. the last chapter was way better; i give this one a 7.5/10. too confusing, man.