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Comments for 'Shay's Rebellion: Boarding Action'

1:10 am | August 21, 2003
Thanks Guys

I unfortunately had to start a new series as my 47 page Homeworlds story was deleted due to....technical difficulties (computer reformatted iteself).
12:00 am | August 19, 2003
Good job, very detailed, and a strong plot. Keep it up!!! =)
Spartan 117
10:39 pm | August 18, 2003
being tackled by an elite while naked... not a pretty picture! 9.5/10
10:39 pm | August 18, 2003
yeah, its fun to advertise your stories on other people's reviews. 10/10, and my series, soon to have its third and final part in, is called "Last of the Walking Dead" if y'all have a mind to read it. good luck, Mainevent!
12:18 pm | August 18, 2003
Hey Mainevent youre making a story too? well ehy thats good. to come to the point your sotry is in my eyes very good. nice plot and anything. keep it up and I hope you dont come stuck in it.

BTW I have my own story too, caled Halo:Thje MCconto Chronicles. its going great, so you might want to read it.

I give you a 9.5/10 for it.