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Comments for 'Affront to a God [Part 2]'

2:04 am | July 21, 2004
Hey, its easy.

I don't write 'em, I just think 'em up.

Then I write 'em.


1:06 am | July 21, 2004

Simply stupendous. Great story
12:36 am | July 21, 2004
You live in Texas Walker.
5:40 pm | July 20, 2004
Phoenix, you so better be female after that statement. ;)
3:52 pm | July 20, 2004
Love it. Reads really smoothe. Great writing style. Have my n00b baybies!
2:31 pm | July 20, 2004
Personally, the entire week I was in California with my cousins I was counting down the days of my return to the Lone Star State. The weather was nice, and it was cool being right next to a Marine/Navy base, but Texas wins it hands down. Even Utah, which I loved, didn't come close to home.
CoLd BlooDed
11:13 am | July 20, 2004
That's really weird, though, maybe I can tie in my series to this one... nah. :P

I already have, somehow.
10:57 pm | July 19, 2004
I was going to enjoy the luxury of my grandmother's house. Unfortunate circumstances between my mother and her my grandmother have made that possibility null.
CoLd BlooDed
10:48 pm | July 19, 2004
I will, Main, but it doesn't chalk up to yours. Not even close.

I'll send it to Wu on Thursday, since it's the only time I can get it. That's the day I return to my house after two weeks at my grandparents. :D
10:21 pm | July 19, 2004
I wonder what happens in your entry?

You should send it to Wu so we can find out.
10:19 pm | July 19, 2004
Hehe, CoLd ad Main, are you teaming up to finally erase the flood hater within me and make me a fantast of the things, or what?

Must... stop... con... spiracy...
CoLd BlooDed
9:48 pm | July 19, 2004
Alright, I just read this. Fabulous.

When you told me the plot I thought it was going to be good, and, coming from you, it was better than good. Terrific, awesome, spectacular. I would've never expected this... well, actually, I would probably... I dunno.

"I am 342 Guilty Spark. I am the monitor of Installation 07."

Shit, that's the ring my people are on in The Strive to Survive, and in [i]MY[/i] Fan Fiction Ekindu contest. Lot's of crazy crap has happened on this ring, huh? Let's just say Guilty Spark gets replaced with Authentic Denial. ;)

Great story.
CoLd BlooDed
8:51 pm | July 19, 2004
Guess what, everybody? Today's my anniversary here at HBO! :D
3:11 pm | July 19, 2004
My previous complaints have been voided. Well done, and keep up the extremely good work. Now if only we could get the n00bs' writing up to half as good as your standard.

Victory or Death!

11:38 am | July 19, 2004
Yeah, well I just thought they would be screaming a lot more with all those penetrators wriggling down their spine's, ya know what I mean.
11:36 am | July 19, 2004
There isn't really anything they can do but be annoyed.
11:29 am | July 19, 2004
well well, a monitor who isn't completely insane. for now i guess. very good story. i'll keep my eye on this one.

3:23 am | July 19, 2004
They don't go to the library.
Red Ghost
2:36 am | July 19, 2004
I'm curious what 'Zuka is going to do since he was hesitant about killing the colonists. Anyways, this is a freakin' awesome fan fic. Must read next one, must read next one...er, they won't have to go to the Library will they? Yikes...
1:28 am | July 19, 2004
unusual indeed...im with MCC in seeing a child combat form. And how will they deal with the covie combat forms. The questions, the questions
12:12 am | July 19, 2004
A lot were screaming, but again I had a word restriction I was working on. I actually went over it by some. Itty-bitty things had to go.
10:21 pm | July 18, 2004
Good story, but don't you think that the colonists would be a little more than just annoyed by the flood spores because after all, those super sharp penetrators would hurt like heck. This is only a minor insiginficant detail so it's not like I'm saying it messed up the story or anything. Your score 9.7/10
10:08 pm | July 18, 2004
Very intresting. I'll keep reading
6:34 pm | July 18, 2004
This is good.

5:15 pm | July 18, 2004
Well...you'll just have to wait and see how all this ends.
MC's Cousin
5:11 pm | July 18, 2004
I agree fully with Awacar. Very good job Main. i suppose the humans would have an advantage if they were immune to Flood infection, and now they have regenerative abilities.
There's a lot of story material that your making up to make all this happen, but I'll keep reading.

Although I still would like to see a Child Combat Flood Form...

Signing Off

2:56 pm | July 18, 2004
I like this thing. The plot twist with the flood... I never would have imagined that they had a chance of survival.

I am curious about how this story will end up...

One of the best stories around, great job, Mainevent.