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Comments for 'A Lesson Long Passed'

4:15 am | July 7, 2004
I'm with Mainevent on thsi one. Animal farm was just more fun to read. Farenheit 451...it struck me very well, to be sure, and I don't get lost in it, but Animal farm was at once HUMOROUS and profound. A diabolically good combination for a satire novel. Come on, Napolean? gotta love hating him.

My lab group and I named our fetal pig that when we dissected it in bio lab last year.
10:24 pm | July 4, 2004
No! I actually felt more attached to the animals, to tell you the truth.
8:22 pm | July 4, 2004
Au contraire, mon Mainevent. 1984 kicks Animal Farm's arse; it's a story people can relate to, because it's about people.
4:21 pm | July 4, 2004
Sometimes I try to go deep, but with this one. No. I just wrote it for it.

And 1984 is alright. Not as good as animal farm by far.

Farenheit 451 is just bad. Bradbury writes like a man who rambles would. I understand the context behind his story, but I can't stand the actual book. Way too much metaphor and description over the little things. You get lost very easily.
3:27 pm | July 4, 2004
I'm with walker on that.

Mainevent, I actually have a couple complaints on this...

Compression of statement, say more with less. A lot of your lines can be cut down. You don't need words like "the" or "and" most of the time. It makes your writing very prose-like instead of poetic.

A fair and hopeful tribute to the armed forces in Halo, but it kinda lacks in deeper complexity or imagery. It feels like it should go deeper. Decent use of metaphor, though.

WOOT! A new charge of the grunt brigade is going up soon, YAY!
3:03 pm | July 4, 2004
I almost feel sorry for you, having to make empty death threats over the internet to assure your masculinity and mental superiority. Get a life or get out.

"Give me liberty, or give me death!" -Patrick Henry

12:09 pm | July 4, 2004
There once was a gay little geek,
whose halo addiction made him weak,
He fell to the floor,
Nerd blood did pour,
Nerdhunter laughed at the freak.

And for every nerd out there - watch your back.
2:49 am | July 4, 2004
Mainevent... heard you're reading 1984... good book. Don't buy the cheap, politically-motivated lie people sell through the book, take it for what it is and what Orwell meant it to be: an attack on all anti-freedom despots, political nametags aside. They mean nothing.

Independent and proud.

10:26 pm | July 2, 2004
Good Job. Touching.
3:23 pm | July 2, 2004
That's mah boy Walker!
1:32 pm | July 2, 2004
Just successfully submitted COTGB 5.
1:30 pm | July 2, 2004
What everybody else said.

Molon labe!

9:20 am | July 2, 2004
Amazing... I cannot speak of this poem in words or numbers...
3:29 am | July 2, 2004
My new take on 117.


All you need to know for the second strip is that FOF is a guy who only flames n00bs.
2:02 am | July 2, 2004
That stanza went with the "light in their eyes" line.

The light being the fire.
9:12 pm | July 1, 2004
Well, I've no idea what this stanza meant:

And I know inside
That their fire can burn out any other
Their torch will stay lit forever

but I liked it overall.

Cheers! :)
CoLd BlooDed
7:37 pm | July 1, 2004
Very nice, Mainevent. Very touching.
7:19 pm | July 1, 2004
Nice, had a little tear form in the corner of my eye

6:39 pm | July 1, 2004
Good Work....Different from most of the poems around here....Very Nice still. 9.8/10.

Keep It Up.