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Comments for 'ODST: Flawless Cowboy'

1:10 am | June 5, 2004
I got his name off the top of my head! I...I swear.
The Silver Spartan
9:48 pm | June 3, 2004
I like it! Good job Main, you never dissappoint me! There is only ONE thing that I don't like, the fact that you got the ODST's name (Stocklear) from Corporal Locklear, from FS. Other than that it was good!
12:21 am | May 31, 2004
I like I LIKE!
Nick Kang
12:14 am | May 31, 2004
Ahhh, the highlight of my day (which has been pretty boring).
The detail was crushing, I think almost more than there usually is. Enkidu's reference to everything in the facility as a medical example was pretty cool, too.

12:07 am | May 31, 2004
Thanks guys.

And the part where he's fighting the Sentinels with his battle rifle, it should say he doesn't have enough bullets to take them on. THat's why he ran.
12:03 am | May 31, 2004
I really liked the prosthetic arm. The story was great, too.
3:59 pm | May 30, 2004
There will be at least one more: Reunion Tour

I didn't have time to write it before this batch though.

You'll find out more about them in Reunion Tour..

I'm thinking of doing one for every subtitle, but I'm not sure yet.
3:00 pm | May 30, 2004
really good. i like the mechanical arms. very interesting. are there others are just these two.


whats their misson?
2:04 pm | May 30, 2004
Great! A bit convenient Stocklear
met him right outside though.