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Comments for 'Freedom on Oblivion'

4:32 am | May 2, 2004
who are you........hahahaha
10:06 pm | May 1, 2004
I have AIM.

SN: Zergblaster

IM me on that SN, tell me who you are, and then I'll give you my other SN.
Solidus Snake
9:50 pm | May 1, 2004
Yo Main! Got aol, or aim?
6:41 pm | May 1, 2004
I submitted two short stories. Hope you guys like 'em.
1:24 pm | May 1, 2004
hey i sent another chapter to my new series
i dunt like it much
but i gotta put it there to get to teh good stuff
Nick Kang
12:52 pm | May 1, 2004
Dangit, stupid double post.

Nick Kang
12:39 pm | May 1, 2004
Hey No One, get a fuc-king life.

Nick Kang
12:39 pm | May 1, 2004
Hey No One, get a fuc-king life you poem-flaming

12:14 pm | May 1, 2004
Solidus Snake
9:14 pm | April 30, 2004
What Main said, god you anti-poetry assholes pisses me off.
9:03 pm | April 30, 2004
Why the fuck do people bother those who write poetry? Get a life and go away.
No one
8:31 pm | April 30, 2004
Why the f-uck do people write gay poems there so fuc-king gay. Get a life and write a story.
4:24 pm | April 30, 2004
Yeah im back. So tis was a very good fan fic.
11:29 am | April 30, 2004
Now how can you forget about the Knights? They're the best thing since...since...Slim Jims!
CoLd BlooDed
2:51 am | April 30, 2004
Thank you very much for the compliment, Odin. :D

Knights can own Slim Jims any day.
1:17 am | April 30, 2004
Woooo!Very nice, you've greatly improved!
12:38 am | April 30, 2004
awesome someone thinks so
ill put like six in an upcoming chapter
just for you :D
9:09 pm | April 29, 2004
UGH! *slaps forehead*
i almost forgot about Knights
thanks for the likin in em Main ;D
7:06 pm | April 29, 2004
I have a pretty good idea of where Homeworlds is going to end, I just don't know who dies yet. Or who lives for that matter.

And thanks Odin.

I can't wait for the sequel to Neverland. More Knights though.
Nick Kang
11:56 am | April 29, 2004
You guys are lucky, you can actually figure out when you're gonna be done. More and more story ideas are popping into my head, and I've barely even started chapter 1 of Beckoning to Doom!

11:40 am | April 29, 2004
It'll probably get posted tomorrow Solidus, he said there would be more tomorrow.

And if it isn't, check your email. He'll tell you if it didn't get posted, and why.
11:38 am | April 29, 2004
Very. Nice.
10:51 am | April 29, 2004
im finishin up my next chapters
read ur latest installments of The Strive
doin beautifully
and i read ur latest Homeworlds Main
still lovin the series
two of the greatest fan fickers right there :D
10:41 am | April 29, 2004
Sounds good then.

I also forgot about Countdown Earth. Gotta finish that too.
CoLd BlooDed
2:11 am | April 29, 2004
That's pretty much what I meant. I still gotta finish TStS and another series I have in mind... a follow-up from Forced Betrayal.
1:26 am | April 29, 2004
"We should do a series together..."

I'd like to, but I'm not sure yet. Probably over the summer. At least after Homeworlds. Once I get that fleshed out, I'll be up for a lot more.
CoLd BlooDed
12:36 am | April 29, 2004
Awesome, "pimped out, d00d" as Odin would say. ;)

Yeah, I'm also glad you're still writing, keep it up Mainevent.

P.S: We should do a series together. ;)

P.P.S: Hey Odin, any of your stories come out soon?

P.P.P.S: Isn't this getting annoying?
Solidus Snake
10:42 pm | April 28, 2004
Atleast your's got posted, MINE DIDN'T. I'm pissed. Anyways it was pretty good.
8:42 pm | April 28, 2004
just plain pimpin
im glad ur still writin main