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10:46 am | April 29, 2004
We'll see. We'll see.
12:09 am | April 29, 2004
7:15 pm | April 28, 2004
Thanks CoLd

I'm a been workin on it. Trying to flesh out exactly what happens next. Haven't decided the very end yet.

Live or die...live or die...live or die...
CoLd BlooDed
1:42 pm | April 28, 2004
Yeah, cool, don't think I'm being converted from this site, though... ;)

Mainevent, I forgot to say how much I liked this Homeworlds, spectacular job.
12:09 pm | April 28, 2004
Sorry bout that double post. This site is playing some really weird tricks on me...
11:40 am | April 28, 2004
Hey guys, send the stories on in. We need em to get the site runnin.
11:36 am | April 28, 2004
For now' we've decided to just have links to this site if it is an existing series. If it is a new series or single story, please send the whole thing in.

If it is already partly on this site, please just e-mail a short description and that will be added up onto the front page with a link to the series here.
11:36 am | April 28, 2004
We decided that existing series would just be linked over to this site, but new ones would be put up onto the new site itself. But, you can still send in a submission for an existing series. Just send an e-mail giving a 3-4 sentence description of your series and the url to the series, the newest chapter of the series, and other stories by you page.
Got it?
CoLd BlooDed
1:48 am | April 28, 2004
Can I send in chapter 7 of my current series?
6:32 pm | April 27, 2004
I need some actual Submission in order to finish it, so please send 'em to the afforementioned addy.
CoLd BlooDed
2:40 am | April 27, 2004
I'd join. :)
7:42 pm | April 26, 2004
hey, Im comin back here too guys! Main, making a FF site wouldnt be all bad...I'm pretty good with geocities and other free sites...We should talk bout it...
6:56 pm | April 26, 2004
Alright fellas' I've found a site. www.freewebs.com/murcu
Sorry about the URL but I didn't know that was going to happen. Anyway, anyone interested in helping build it who has a decent knowledge of HTML or CSS please email me at cunnuslingere@hotmail.com or AIM tdesmurf.
3:05 pm | April 26, 2004
That was a stupid question, should have checked out the rest of the site first.
11:38 am | April 26, 2004
We'd love if you made one Tom. Any help is appreciated. I could help you if you wanted me too.
11:06 am | April 26, 2004
Right now I'm just looking for a site builder that allows me to personally edit HTML.
1:48 am | April 26, 2004
Mainevent. Plans to further "homeworlds XXVII"?
Nick Kang
1:15 am | April 26, 2004
I'd go to your site a lot...if it was good enough...

12:21 am | April 26, 2004
I'll make one if ya' read my series. Or ANYONE reads it even. ;)

Seriously, though, I'd like to make it. I like making sites but I'm having lots of trouble finding a good service. So if you know of any that let you custom edit the code, let me know.
10:51 pm | April 25, 2004
I could also help Tom...
10:21 pm | April 25, 2004
I could make one. There are plenty of free hosting sites out there. Do you want me to make it? I know HTML and some CSS.
9:39 pm | April 25, 2004
Well, COX cable gives me free computer space, and right now I'm learning HTML, so maybe in a 4-5 months I can put together a page for, in part, Halo fan fiction.
9:18 pm | April 25, 2004
Geocities is free, but its a little complicated making a website..... I cant make one, and ive tried. Maybe I could be an advisor or something. Maybe a judge/roofreader/reviewer of fics?....
System Failure
6:57 pm | April 25, 2004
Yeah you should make one.
6:23 pm | April 25, 2004
2:29 pm | April 25, 2004
I'd love to make a FF site, but alas, no moneyt. :'(
12:36 pm | April 25, 2004
oh, and a 9.5/10
12:32 pm | April 25, 2004
I've been around for awhile too, and I think snakes idea is a good one.

The few veterans that are left SHOULD make a FF site.......... One with stricter criteria, a passworded comments section, etc.
Anybody like this idea?

P.S.: people have been doing this imposter stuff since before I was here. ive even had it happen to me before.....
12:07 am | April 25, 2004
Yeah, I think I played you in my cousin's server called Hockeyman4.

And for all others who play XBC, my sn is Nosolee(no ') and my ingame name is me or Col. GOD, I'm usually playing w/my cousin in hockeyman4.
10:48 pm | April 24, 2004
I play on XBC, but my s/n is Mainevent_117.
10:12 pm | April 24, 2004
Not last night, actually, a few nights ago.
10:10 pm | April 24, 2004
Oh, and, to Mainevent:

Do you play on XBC because i played a kid last night with the name of Mainevent.
Solidus Snake
8:18 pm | April 24, 2004
W00t, zimma zimma momma fah!
8:11 pm | April 24, 2004
Mainevent still around...even I'm still around! It's my 1 year aniversary of fanfic writing w00t!!!
Solidus Snake
8:02 pm | April 24, 2004

Make your own Halo fan fic site... hahahhaha... HBO Jr.
7:53 pm | April 24, 2004

Go somewhere better!


Dunno, but go there!
Solidus Snake
7:33 pm | April 24, 2004
7:28 pm | April 24, 2004
Yea. You know a better Halo Fic place to go?

I tried FF.net, but I don't like it as much, so I never posted.

That and it says I need my story in .doc format even though I converted it to a .doc format.
Solidus Snake
6:47 pm | April 24, 2004
Man Mainevent, I'm surprise you're still around. The hell with this place, it sucks now, n00bs are destroying it.
5:09 pm | April 24, 2004
Good Story.
The REAL Nick Kang
1:15 pm | April 24, 2004
To other Nick Kang: You're Shawn aren't you?

Nick Kang
1:12 pm | April 24, 2004
ur story is horrible i cant believe you wrote it! Dumb Faget