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Comments for 'Deja Vu'

11:42 am | April 26, 2004
i had no idea what was happening...
2:27 am | April 24, 2004
Homeworlds XXVII has been posted. Enjoy.
9:18 pm | April 23, 2004
Thanks Helljumper.

Feet first in to hell.
The Silver Spartan
11:56 am | April 23, 2004
Wow! That was awesome, I actualy thought he was dyeing! I have never seen a FF written like that! Very unique, what inspired you to write this? A nightmare or something? ;) Keep up the good work!


The Silver Spartan
3:59 am | April 23, 2004
good story
12:56 am | April 23, 2004
Thanks Silver.

Unfortunately, I must have mixed it up cuz it got scrunched together at the bottom.

And this was based off of a random thought I had. Just sitting at my computer and *lightbulb*.
9:21 pm | April 22, 2004
Thanks guys. I wanted to write, but didn't have a lot of time to do so, that's why it may be a little unclear and shorter than usual (even for my short stories).

And he was killed by an elite. It was a camoflauged elite with a plasma sword.

Happy to answer any questions. I may make a series of short stories with these guys, haven't decided yet. Even if I do it'll be a way off. Homeworlds still needs lovin. So does Countdown Earth.
7:24 pm | April 22, 2004
well that was, different. In a good way of course. Maybe its the caffine in my veins at the moment but that story kinda confused me. Still enjoyed it though
2:53 pm | April 22, 2004

Short and sweet.

A classic set up, and nicely done. The dream and reality transition was pretty well done, and I liked the protaganist very much. I thought you should have had a clearer distinction and then realise the ambiguity was more important. It actually reminded me of one of Isaac Asimov's short stories. That shouldn't go to your head by the way. :p

Very nice. Pleasure to read.
12:41 pm | April 22, 2004
That was quite possibly one of the best fan fics I've ever read. For the firs time I didn't find myself waitinf for the end. Although it did get a bit muddled there in the middle. Even after rereading it a few times I wasn't quite sure what was killing him... fire or the elite? And what was that stuff in the metal?
It seemed like that would be a big deal but the story really sucked me in, way to go.