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Comments for 'From the Other Side: Homeworlds Tie-In'

The Collector
6:43 pm | March 28, 2004
Very good u got talents u know. Fix da runons and whatnots and we'll c what else you can do. We await ur next tie in soldier.
Tighten up and deliver
11:06 pm | March 25, 2004
i cant post my story
every time i try, the page where ya pick ur series is not found or some crap its makin me mad
11:35 pm | March 24, 2004
Not being above a little shameless promotion myself, Mainevent, I decided to take your advice and read your FF.

Nice story. Lots of run-on sentences. Lots and lots actually. It was kind of like:

run-on sentence
double run-on sentence!
triple run-on sentence!
run-on sentence-tacular!

But hey, Earnest Hemingway once wrote a sentence that went on for two pages so who am I to criticize?

I was wondering if the narrator shouldn't have more trouble describing 343's sensations in emotional terms. For example, would 343 "feel" any way. Emotion sub-routines are only substitutes for the real thing. Would he ever have an intimation what it was like to be tugged by the hand of a child. These are evocative images, but I think your story would be better served if the narrator found more...robotic ways to describe the new things that 343 was "feeling".

Keep up the good work.
9:31 pm | March 24, 2004
I wish this thing would just take Word code ;).

And I wanted 343 to show a true emotion here, but one that was computer operated and not human.
4:02 am | March 24, 2004
good story, good details and understanding of how 343 feels
2:48 am | March 24, 2004
I have to Italicize a lot in Fall of [i]Fate[/i](i know it doesnt work), being that its set around many Covie ships...:P why do I make it difficult for myself
2:05 am | March 24, 2004
I knew when writing Genesis that I wanted them to tie in, but I wasn't sure how. Then I was thinking about it the other night and it hit me.
And now we are where we are. All in all I believe it came together nicely.
10:41 pm | March 23, 2004
Thanks Shade!

I got Spring Break comin' up, so its a whole week of freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!
10:41 pm | March 23, 2004
awesome story
beautiful how ur two series tied in together like that
pimpn job boady :D
Agent Shade
10:23 pm | March 23, 2004
now that the fan fiction is back open, seems like all our good authors are returning...well done Mainevent, awesome as always
9:06 pm | March 23, 2004
I usually do. But I did this in Word late at night, and didn't feel like it in this story.
6:56 pm | March 23, 2004
This may be a little nit-picky to some, but please [i]italicize[/i] the names of ships. Please.

Otherwise, good story.
5:26 pm | March 23, 2004
Great story Main. Havn't been around for a while, but I managed to catch this. I give it a 9/10