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Dave Luck
12:34 am | July 17, 2004
Upon reading this series....

I had to get a new keyboard.

The tears... I couldn't control them. They just dripped off my chin, into the cracks of my keyboard, and fried it.

It was so sad, yet so inspiring. I felt like crying when I realized that Sam had not only died at age fourteen, but he also never lost his vir... Oh, never mind.

- Dave.
8:06 pm | March 31, 2004
Elite poem, DeathSquadElite. Sam from HALO needs this dedication more than ever. because they never gave that to him in the book, the story took a minor half and then just as that it moved on.
4:00 am | March 7, 2004
Don't even talk about school!
Check out the tests this week:
Chemistry: 3rd nine weeks final exam
AP Government: Project
Algebra 2: 3rd nine weeks final
Pre-calculus Trig: huge exam thingy
AP Biology: Huge super hard test that everyone knows they are going to fail
French 3: big Unit test
Orchestra: chill class, no test
World Literature: Project

Whatever. Next year's going to be harder when I start AP Calculus. Anyway, talking about the woes that school has placed on my life is kind of depressing, so I'm going to get off the internet now and cry.
Thoams Harper....again
11:10 pm | March 5, 2004
since we are all talking about school, i thought that i would put in my own thought about it. DAMNIT!!!! well thats all i got to say about school.

o and for no reason at all....i have to mention that my math teacher [mrs. thomas] gives thomas's bad names all over the place becasue she is an **** and i **** hate her so she needs to ***** and thats all i got to **** about to say about her. lol.
Thomas Harper
11:08 pm | March 5, 2004
damn....i wish i could write a poem that good....well thats why i stay with short, or in my case long stories lol.
CoLd BlooDed
4:30 am | March 5, 2004
Seniors...damn. :P
3:44 am | March 5, 2004
so i have plenty of time 2 finish stories, since i took summer from freshman yr!
3:40 am | March 5, 2004
Hey fellow High Schoolers! Im a Senior and i have 2 classes, English 12 and Computer networking beat that and i work at Gamestop for 4 days only beat that!
2:59 am | March 5, 2004
im a senior in HS
and i have like two assignments a day
thats pimp
my schedule

weight training
jr/sr PE
materials & processes (shop)
portfolio painting

(zero hour)weight training
accounting II
independent living
business tech
desktop publishing

so i dont really have a prob w/school :D

Jon M
4:16 pm | March 4, 2004
No question? You're kidding me. That was a joke, son, but I'm beginnning to understand this place....
12:27 pm | March 4, 2004
I have the most work, but the best teachers. Like that evens it out...
CoLd BlooDed
4:02 am | March 4, 2004
I'm in grade 8, but my teacher is the toughest in the school. But meh, it's all good, school's a place to hang with friends, but homework, god...

I don't think there was a question.
Jon M
3:02 am | March 4, 2004
School...ahh I remember that.

What was the question again?
2:57 am | March 4, 2004
My school is...I don't want to talk about it.
Solidus Snake again
2:15 am | March 4, 2004
And just so you know, it's me, Alpha Lance, just using a new name.
Solidus Snake
2:15 am | March 4, 2004
God, I got in-school suspension today, and I'm kinda depressed, and I'm gonna fail this nine weeks at school. So I'm screwed...
1:39 am | March 4, 2004
The tests I have this week:

Social Studies:

Vocab Test
Essay Test
Terms Test
Dates Test

Law and Society:

Quarter Test


Quarter Test
Vocab Test


Art Exam

That's not counting the DBQs (Discussion Based Questions) that take roughly a page to complete [I have 18 to do]. Not counting the vocab book I have to work 20 pages in. Not counting the art excercises we have to do each night. Not counting the pages I have to read. And lastly, not counting the Machiavelli's The Prince project I also have to finish.

So all I have to say for school is: SUCK IT!
10:39 pm | March 3, 2004
*Claps* I second the comment about school. If anybody here is wondering when I'm going to continue writing, just wait until H2 comes out, and we'll all probably come back to HBO (if we've left). I'm going to try to wrap up COTGB by the time school ends, and I think ASOWE is a done deal anyway, though I might make myself die in Chapter 2. That'll be easy to finish, since I'm almost done with Chapter 2 already.

Point is, don't keep your hopes up, those of you who still remember my last post ("One Last Bullet" I think it was).

Stay Free

-Walker (my uncle, who's a career Marine, shipped out again... his second Tour of Duty in Iraq, this war.)
Jon M
6:02 pm | March 3, 2004
Sounds a little like Death of a Ball Turret Gunner..in other words..not bad at all.

And the me thing...repetition for emphasis is a good thing.
CoLd BlooDed
3:56 pm | March 3, 2004
I have school, but I persist. :D
3:11 pm | March 3, 2004
Well some don't get poems.
and I'm thinking about not writing anymore... yea I suck I'll be the first to tell ya, and school takes up to much time so Au Revoir
3:06 pm | March 3, 2004
Well some don't get poems.
and I'm thinking about not writing anymore... yea I suck I'll be the first to tell ya, and school takes up to much time so Au Revoir
12:36 pm | March 3, 2004
Solidus Snake
12:06 pm | March 3, 2004
Deep man, and I'm gonna try to write more poems too, yay for the poem writers.
11:08 am | March 3, 2004
"." you say "lame?" I say you're just another 13-year old who has no taste for the finer parts of fan fiction.

Good job, Main.
5:24 am | March 3, 2004
1:03 am | March 3, 2004
I only write poems when I feel like writing but don't have a lot of time.
11:32 pm | March 2, 2004
It was good.
11:10 pm | March 2, 2004
Very Interesting...
11:10 pm | March 2, 2004
i loved it
i loved sam
sam was pimp
but he died
and that licked
pimpin job main
9:18 pm | March 2, 2004
Good stuff.
Aside from Mainevent's work, are you lot really inspired to write poetry on a computer game!?!
9:00 pm | March 2, 2004
Thanks a lot guys. The last two lines ended both in me, and I didn't realize that. Luckily it wasn't rhyming. Anywhoo. I'll try to write more frequently. School's an ass!
CoLd BlooDed
3:47 pm | March 2, 2004
Nice, very, very nice.
3:06 pm | March 2, 2004
hmmm interesting I like it!