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Comments for 'Homeworlds XXV'

CoLd BlooDed
4:59 pm | February 21, 2004
2:28 am | February 21, 2004
plump dick
7:39 pm | February 20, 2004
Ooooh....the plot thickens!
Fantastic, keep it up!
12:35 pm | February 19, 2004
I read yours yesterday, then got temp grounded so I couldn't respond. It's looking pretty good. Bringer of Faith is bringing the plasma...
9:51 pm | February 18, 2004
thx main
colds newest series aint shapin up too bad ;D
12:08 pm | February 18, 2004
I had to read through the series again because you havnt added to it in a while. Great stuff, but you should have had Shimmer take an egg back with him instead of a Jackal. He could have had fried Jackal eggs! *da da-ding!* (Waits for laughter...........)

Errr, right. Anyway, great story and I hope you start updating more frequently in the future.
CoLd BlooDed
4:50 am | February 18, 2004
So Main...I see *choke* you didn't read my new series!

*starts hitting forehead*

I knew I shouldn't have stole the idea of Forced Betrayal from you! Please forgive me! :P

Oh yeah, great story. :D
1:48 am | February 18, 2004
I read yours man, good stuff. Followed it closely since you started. I'm impressed. I want to fight a Knight in Halo 2....damn you!
10:29 pm | February 17, 2004
oh im still stuck pimp
i love this series
and its not written on often
great job

and uh..
did ya read my latest neverland
dont think ya commented on it
9:13 pm | February 17, 2004
I haven't written in this series in a while, so I wanted to try and get you back into it.
8:24 pm | February 17, 2004
Really good, caught my attention and makes me want to continue reading.
12:31 pm | February 17, 2004
Well are we mean to each other just because we're fighting a war? It's an attitude of cordiality.
MC's Cousin
10:21 pm | February 16, 2004
I liked it, not that it means a lot. It was alright, but the way you make the Covenant sound just isn't right somehow. You make them sound...nice...human like in a way. Just not as they should in my opinion, but hey.

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