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Comments for 'The Deadly Mist'

3:52 am | May 10, 2004
Are we your friends...

P.S How come you never responed to my el fudge jokes.

P.P.S People may think you hate fast eddie (whimper)
10:44 pm | May 6, 2004
I have already written my next fanfiction and am still in the process of editing it. Once I find time and am satisfied with it, I will post it. It's going to be good.
guess who it's New001 stopping in for dinner
9:41 pm | May 6, 2004
oh man I love this song. Days go bye and still I think of you....

P.S Halo 2 or Elfudge, I can't deside
Once again New001...again
9:56 pm | May 5, 2004
Dude where have you been is your next fan fic going to be awesome

P.S El fudge... the food of the gods
2:26 am | April 29, 2004
I just realized that I don't have a life and that I really need a shower.

P.S. I love el fudge.

Post Post Script: I finally have a girl friend
6:45 pm | April 28, 2004
No, not really. It's good to hear what other people think about my stories. It helps me try to improve and to learn what others like and don't like. :)
1:24 am | April 28, 2004
Does all of this fan comments ever get on your nerves?

Keep on trangalin

PS elfudge are my second heavenly influence
1:35 am | April 26, 2004
I love the way you write, your description levels are amazing. I think we all could learn a good leson or two from you Mad. Keep it up!
2:47 am | April 25, 2004
Dude I just read what you said about that really short fiction, The Cortana. Seriously anonymous is right that planet is nothing like earth.

P.S el fudge are still the best
7:08 pm | April 23, 2004
Thanks guys. I'm going to post another of my stories in the near future, when, I cannot say.
I don't have AOL, sorry. Also, when I write my stories, I usually get caught up in the struggles of the main character and I find that dramatic endings are more affecting, though happy endings can be effective as well. Perhaps you will see some happy endings in the future from me, but I'm not going to tell you when.
3:25 am | April 23, 2004
Amazing I am a big fan of your work I read this story like 5 times. I was wondering 2 things. 1. Do you have an aim screen name? 2. Why do you always kill off your main charecter why isn't there ever a happy ending?

P.S. el fudge are awsome, and thanks for responding to my comments in The Iron Hand of the Profeits 8
9:57 pm | April 22, 2004
Huzzah, my computer works again! Now, about your fanfic...I read it! Again! And I still think it's good! Yay MadJackal!! Keep up the good work. Really...get to work on another story right now. I need something to read. Supply and Demand, my friend...and I demand that you supply me with more of your high quality fanfiction. ;)
The Razor
4:39 pm | April 22, 2004
Well well you have done it again Mad.You could be a very very (very) god teacher.

8/10 ;)
2:24 pm | April 22, 2004
Once again, you have created an interesting character, built up a bit on this character, and torn it all down by the end.
And I still adore your fanfics. :)

Keep 'em coming (my boyfriend really digs them, too).
Nick Kang
11:24 am | April 22, 2004
Once again I am amazed by your work. The combination of suspense, action, and detail left me at a loss for words.


2:02 am | April 22, 2004
Not much else to say. Suh-weet.
9:59 pm | April 21, 2004
It was simply breath-taking
7:30 pm | April 21, 2004
awww, man...I liked that Jackal....

7:23 pm | April 21, 2004
I'm glad that you guys enjoyed the story. As far as ranks of Jackals go, you must remember that at this point in Halo's storyline, the Covenant that were at the facility had taken very, very heavy casualties and were lacking true leadership like Elites. Also, you might notice that file leader is not an official, written in stone, rank, like Squad Master or Field Master. It's more of an unofficial referrence that Jackals use to signify their lower caste leaders (kind of like an alpha male in a pack of wolves, someone that they look up to that isn't an Elite). Yellow shields signify battlefield prowess, kind of like a medal of honor that you can wear into battle on your wrist (remember on AotCR when two of the yellow shielded Jackals appear? There couldn't be two file leaders in a squad, now could there?) Though, Jackals that have the honor of wearing them are almost always the most respected of the group, usually making them the default file leader.
4:35 pm | April 21, 2004
Not the best fan fic, but high quality none the less. Your Jackal ranking was a bit off. His sheild would have been golden/ yellow not blue if he was in command. Plus the higher ranking for each shield color wears the helmet while the lower do not. Just so you know. Other than that my comments are the same as Tom's. Keep writing, I enjoy this stuff. Also if you have any " Covenant ranking " or " how many shots from this gun does it take to kill something " questions I'll be more than happy to answer them.
1:51 pm | April 21, 2004
I'm not with these guys. It was decent. You used "Lekk" entirely too much and it started bothering me about halfway through. You kept repeating the same phrases over and over but I got tired of reading 'the elite flood form' or whatever it is. The actions was good, and it was done dramatically well. The ending was a bit Hollywood but that's fair enough. Anyway, although I didn't love it, I liked it and I'd read more by you.
12:48 pm | April 21, 2004
Awesome. i've read the first fanfic where the death, or way od death, actually cheered me up a bit. Greta story all the way, but the end... mmm!
11:36 am | April 21, 2004
Good one Mad, you keep it blazing
2:31 am | April 21, 2004
Agent Shade
2:18 am | April 21, 2004
impressive, good short story
12:12 am | April 21, 2004
HOLY SHIT!, that was amazing, keep working at that. Your fan fic never ceases to amaze me with its good writing