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Comments for 'The Iron Hands of the Prophets (Part 6): Turning Back'

12:14 pm | April 2, 2004
Sorry that I get lazy and don't look out for all the good writers here - like - MadJackal.

Another nice story. Nothing much to say besides that.
2:45 am | April 2, 2004
OK, it's time to stop. It's funny, I know, but I want to hear about my story, not about Stacey. (no offense, Stacey :D) Yes, she is a girl, and yes she plays Halo. Now that we have established this, let's move on.
12:36 am | April 2, 2004
Are you really a girl? Because if you are your the first one that ive met that plays Halo...
10:33 pm | April 1, 2004
Ha...that's funny...but I don't think my friend MadJackal will appreciate his comments page being turned into a 'girls and video games' joke. Maybe we should focus on his story.
10:06 pm | April 1, 2004
no colds not jokin
10:06 pm | April 1, 2004
girls cant play video games
when they do its barbie on a game girl
and that screws up the whole videogame universe
7:44 pm | April 1, 2004
haha, =P
CoLd BlooDed
12:25 am | April 1, 2004
No, it's forbidden. You're not allowed, never, NEVER!

Just jokin', of course girls are allowed to like Halo. :D
12:16 am | April 1, 2004
Yes...Stacey IS a girl's name, SOS.Odin, and I'm a girl. What's the matter? Girls can't like Halo?
10:21 pm | March 31, 2004
This series is one of the best that i've ever read.
10:03 pm | March 31, 2004
woah woah woah
thats a girls name.
isnt it?
9:54 pm | March 31, 2004
Great work, as usual! I can't wait to read the end. There's really nothing else for me to say that hasn't already been said....keep up the good work, buddy.
8:58 pm | March 31, 2004
great job man
i started reading ur stuff cuz i like ur name
but the quality kept me reading
11:04 am | March 31, 2004
The beigining of the end of a great series.
4:44 am | March 31, 2004
Hehe, Frightener, I was actually originally going to do something just like that with this series! Time constraints and my mother's constant "When are you going to finish?" made me cut the series down to its current length.
I'm really happy that everyone is enjoying this series. Think of this part as the calm before the storm ;)
The Iron Hands of the Prophets (Part 7): The Second Siege will be out soon!
CoLd BlooDed
12:27 am | March 31, 2004
Loved it, man, great shit, really, REALLY great shit. You sure know how to write. :D
12:18 am | March 31, 2004
I have an idea, though you probably have more of a life than that, You should make it an epic, with like, a million parts!!

Man, that would be suh-weet!
8:18 pm | March 30, 2004
Awww man. This sounds bad, im hoping you give it the right ending MadJackal, really good work so far. Good luck with the rest