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Comments for 'The Iron Hands of the Prophets (Part 4): Dark Horizons'

The Collector
12:17 pm | March 24, 2004
Hey Hey Hey very good ;p
12:11 pm | March 24, 2004
I loved it! But there was something about the last one that I liked better...
11:10 pm | March 23, 2004
You guys might not know it now, but after the entire series is finally posted, if you have the time, read through it again. You might notice a lot of symbolism and foreshadowing in things as small as word choice and descriptions of things...(like the dead bodies or discussions of the dead bodies, though that may not become clear until after you've read the last part). Glad you guys like this series!
10:16 pm | March 23, 2004
You never cease to displease me.
8:28 pm | March 23, 2004
Great story, can't wait for more. Also a bit repetitive with the dead bodies in the fortress. Otherwise good job, keep it up.
7:59 pm | March 23, 2004
This story was perfect 10/10 keep it up
7:52 pm | March 23, 2004
whys it so long?i have trouble reading
7:32 pm | March 23, 2004
Awesome, absolutely awesome.
12:04 pm | March 23, 2004
Great story, I'm keepin up with the whole series, and I love it. Good writer. It would be great to have one with as much talent as you to review my #1 story: Don't look here before its too late