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Comments for 'The Iron Hands of the Prophets (Part 3): Eden'

3:22 am | March 23, 2004
You didn't offend me, Anonymous. I am kind of angry with myself for jumping around between projects. Oh, and there will be eight parts to The Iron Hands of the Prophets.
2:15 am | March 23, 2004
Damn I don't know what I'm typing. What I meant is that the story is too good to be finished with four parts.
2:05 am | March 23, 2004
I am happy to hear that you actually finished this series. All your stories are great except for that story where you thought that the flood infected by contact which is an understandable error and Specter which is ok i guess. Just to ask you, will there be a part5,6,7,8,9,10. I would be really really really disappointed if you made this series too good to be told with 4 parts and sorry if I offended you by saying you didn't finish any of your series cause all I was saying was to finish this great series (but not too soon.)
1:59 am | March 23, 2004
I am so mad that fan fic. was offline. If it could of been online I would be reading Iron Hand of The Prophets part4 by now
3:54 am | March 22, 2004
It should come out in the next update.
3:54 am | March 22, 2004
Lol, yeah, I've already posted part 4 (Dark Horizons).
2:17 am | March 22, 2004
You are really good at this you know? Post your fanfics now...NOW.
12:58 pm | March 11, 2004
Umm...Yes, I know that I have not finished Specters or A Killing Glare, but I have already written this entire series over snow holiday. It is finished. Nothing is going to stop me from posting all of the parts of The Iron Hands of the Prophets.
8:24 am | March 11, 2004
wow! i really like this one! hehe i cant wait for number 4. Keep it up!
7:47 am | March 11, 2004
hey sorry i've taken so long to comment, i'm only just about to read this one lol, i'll be a minute:P
4:52 am | March 11, 2004
I noticed that you have not finished ANY of your series. I hope you finish this one.
Lt. Wolf
8:28 pm | March 10, 2004
Nice. An awsome addition to an already great series. I look forward to reading the next one. 10/10
11:26 am | March 10, 2004
Dude! I read all of your stories(the iron hands of the prophets)and they are awesome. Not a flaw in them except for a few letters that were missing. Great job, cant wait for more.
1:47 am | March 10, 2004
Thanks guys, for reading the things that I write. :) Without readers, writing my stories would be kind of pointless. Part 4 should come out in the next fanfic update.
1:27 am | March 10, 2004
I love this seris! Cant wait till the next one. By the way, this is probably the second story im ever giving a 10/10.
Thomas Harper
1:23 pm | March 9, 2004
always good to see a story from another point of view...The Covenant. nice i liked it.
10:14 pm | March 8, 2004
Another great part of a series. Which just happens to be very rare since I came back.
7:14 pm | March 8, 2004
Not bad, ur Covenants have great grammar when they speak...thats a bad thing.
3:20 pm | March 8, 2004
Interesting story with covenant bandits and all.