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Comments for 'The Iron Hands of the Prophets (Part 2): Secrets'

Thomas Harper
12:20 pm | March 8, 2004
*stare* *blink* wow. great story. hurry up witht the next one.=:)
7:29 am | March 7, 2004
I don't know why, but I can directly relate this story to almost any of my series, such as TFW, and two upcoming projects (atleast, TFW will have to be overwith before that). Also, I'm writing a poem right now, and somehow, it felt almost as if I read my poem, but without rhymes and enclosed in a great story when I read this.


Great story, very believable dialogue, and good descriptions.
12:11 pm | March 6, 2004
great hurry up with part 3
CoLd BlooDed
12:11 pm | March 6, 2004
That was great! Your dialogue skills for the Covenant are amazing, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
4:25 am | March 6, 2004
I don't know if you guys read this in the comments for Part 1, but I've already written the entire series over a two-day snow break. Oh, and The Iron Hands of the Prophets (Part 3): Eden should come out in the next fan fiction update.
The Collector
1:30 am | March 6, 2004
Hmmmm... Hurry up man. It dont take that long to rite an entirely good story. I'm on the edge of my seat. What else should i do when I'm at work? lol

*Sniff* *Sniff* show 'em my motto
11:01 pm | March 5, 2004
Nothing to complain about whatsoever. I look forward to the whole series.
7:39 pm | March 5, 2004
Great Job!!! *claps* I think this is gonna be your best series ever. I read part one, but I didn't feel like posting 2 comments so I'll just say what a great story it is here. Um....it's a great story. I really like it, it gave me something GOOD to read while I'm home sick from school (haha, you're there right now and i'm not!) Keep up the good work. I look foreward to part three.
3:31 pm | March 5, 2004
I like it, good job.
3:11 pm | March 5, 2004
It's original I'll say that.