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Comments for 'Our Cursed Souls: A Field Master's Tale'

Sage Scorpion
7:02 pm | February 24, 2004
Wow man, just... wow. That was amazing. I love stories from a Covenant point of view, and this was the best that I've read of those. Wow.
8:15 pm | February 18, 2004
Dam! you just keep gettin' better! keep it up...after your stories, i might not have to write my own anymore!

CommanderElite out
8:30 pm | February 14, 2004
damn great story dude 10/10
CoLd BlooDed
5:37 pm | February 14, 2004
Alright, thanks Mad. :D
3:29 pm | February 14, 2004
A good commander realizes that every soldier has his place on the battlefield, whether they are weaker than he is or not. When writing a story about a good field commander, I would not have him not care about his troops; caring for his troops, no matter what they are, breeds a bond of loyalty and respect between him and his troops that I think became evident in the story. Oh, and I will get around to FB :)
CoLd BlooDed
6:08 am | February 14, 2004
MadJackal, have you read any other chapters of FB? Or have you given up on that. :P

Doesn't matter, as I'm coming out with a new series soon, and I hope you'll read that one. :D
5:06 am | February 14, 2004
Wow. I really liked the way you interacted with the setting, the snow, the trees, it was really organized well. However, though I like the direction you're coming from in this story, the emotions don't fit well. Usually, a squad leader like Neta wouldn't give a crap if a grunt, a jackal, or even an elite died, but I guess these squads have really bonded through the last few days of fighting on Halo. Good job, though.

2:32 am | February 14, 2004
There have been good writes around here for a long time, a very long time in fact. This is one of the best-organized stories I've read, but definitely not the best story I've ever read. Don't get me wrong, this is fantastic, but I've noticed that some people will read something and go on about how awesome it was, how it was the best thing ever. Things like this are indeed rare, and I enjoy seeing great things coming back. Good work.

2:28 am | February 14, 2004
Thanks guys. It brought tears to your eyes? Wow. I had no idea it was that powerful when I wrote it. To answer CoLd BlooDed, I pick squad names that seem to go along with the Covenant. Names for their warships (like Truth and Reconciliation) reveal a shade of religion and mysticism, so I give names that fit with that (Ways of Seeing for the Cruiser in my other story, The Darkness, Purity of Soul Squad, etc.). Also, since the Covenant, especially the Elites are of a warlike culture, names like Bloody Hands Squad and Teeth and Talons Squad seem to fit just as well.
11:12 pm | February 12, 2004
This story was so great...there are tears in my eyes. TEARS!!! Your writing is so emotional...what else can I say? It was a great read. I think I have a new favorite of your stories.
7:57 pm | February 12, 2004
I dunno, this one was a VERY nice story. Short and self-contained, but it was cool to see it from the Covenant side against a mutual foe. Quite inspiring!
CoLd BlooDed
3:47 pm | February 12, 2004
Your still gonna have to teach me how to make an emotional connection with characters... I will read the rest of this story later, as I have to go to school now. And I have another thing...how do you make the squads names? I think they're pretty damn cool.
MC's Cousin
12:20 pm | February 12, 2004
That touched me dude, really it did. A nice look into the heart of a true Covanent warrior and his troops. I personally liked it, kept me reading in an odd sort of way. Keep up the good work.

Signing Off

11:10 am | February 12, 2004
again, another excellent story man, however your others that related to Two Betrayals were better. just my opinion, anyways, i loved this still =) 10/10

p.s. yay first post!