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Comments for 'A Killing Glare (Part 1): Cadet 787'

10:34 pm | March 27, 2004
hmm...only four people seem to have read this one...
Even though those of you who read it liked it, I might have to put this one at the bottom of my FanFic priority list in terms of finishing my other stories. In other words, Specters will have to be finished before I start working on this one again. Maybe that will give me more time to work out the kinks in A Killing Glare's storyline. Hopefully that will mean a good series once I'm done with it.
2:06 am | February 12, 2004
See? I told you that you're a great writer! Look at these comments. Anyway, that was a great story. It was good to see a story about an Elite in training. You should write a Halo novel. I liked the detail you used, very interesting....you like to use the word mandibles, don't you?
12:15 pm | February 1, 2004
I could even write storylines for video games. Anyway, I hope that you guys will enjoy this new series. I'm putting a lot of effort into getting the storyline straight. From what I have in my mind so far, it's going to be pretty good.
CoLd BlooDed
1:50 am | February 1, 2004
Cool man, stick with it.
CoLd BlooDed
7:38 pm | January 31, 2004
And if you could sell a good script, talk about big bucks.
7:25 pm | January 31, 2004
Hmmm... you're right... that would be kinda cool.
CoLd BlooDed
6:29 pm | January 31, 2004
No problem MadJackal, you could also become a writer for movies! That would be kickass...
3:49 pm | January 31, 2004
Thanks for the comments guys. I don't know whether or not I want to become a writer, but I guess that I am going to keep that option open to me. Anyways, I am glad that you guys like my stories.
12:56 pm | January 31, 2004
Hey man, another killer story. i'm lookin forward to the rest of this =D 10/10!
9:11 am | January 31, 2004
yeah i'm 15 now, and i'm not sure if madjackal is still 14 or turned 15. so most of us are young writers in the big scheme of things, and i'm glad so many of us have such creative minds=)
CoLd BlooDed
9:06 am | January 31, 2004
I'm only 13 so I still have alot of time to perfect my writing skills.
8:41 am | January 31, 2004
haha dude, mad jackal has inspired me to write again too before. He's really gifted at writing.

Mad: Are you thinkin of taking up writing in the future, cos damn man, you're like the best writer in here, and that's even encroaching wado's and walker's front lines =D You really have a gift man, maybe you should try to make another story about another subject and email it to some HBOers to see what they think? I'm sure they'd understand if you explained it to them, i'd be more than happy to do it =) Anyways, just a suggestion lol, catchya man
CoLd BlooDed
8:08 am | January 31, 2004
I see that your reading my stories of FB from the first chapter, so I'll stop buggin' you, lol.

Your amazing skills at writing short stories have inspired me to want to write one, so I think thats what I'm going to do now.
3:13 am | January 31, 2004
A great story, but you went into a little to much detail regarding the action for my taste, so this will bring its grade down to a B. Great job tho!
CoLd BlooDed
1:56 am | January 31, 2004
Not many first chapters begin with so much action!

10/10, Great shit, man.

P.S-Read the next "Forced Betrayal" that has come out, its the 5th chapter.